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HP Setup and Install

Do you want a clear-cut method to complete the printer setup? You are on the right website. Make use of the information on the website to complete the printer setup and driver installation efficiently.

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Get the latest printer driver instantly! Enjoy all the additional features and functionalities of your HP printer by downloading and installing the full-featured printer driver from this website.

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Are you struggling to set up a printer? Do you have frequent issues with your printers? No worries! Our technical team is here for you to provide instant solutions and maintenance tips for your HP printer.


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Mac Setup

To set up the HP printer on your Mac, you need to examine the printer model and macOS version for compatibility. It is important to install a compatible driver for error-free printing.

Windows Setup

Are you looking for a crystal clear process to install a printer driver on your Windows computer? The process is quite simple. All you got to do is to follow the instructions on this site.

Cloud Print Setup

Connect your HP printer and device over a wireless network and print anything stored on your Cloud account. No drivers are needed. Just download the printer app enjoy easy printing.

Mobile Setup

Printer setups made easy! With advanced technology, printers can be controlled from a mobile device wirelessly using unique apps. You can enjoy printing photos you take from your mobile.


123 HP Eprint Setup


HP ePrint is a secure cloud-based service that allows you to print documents from anywhere using an email account. It requires your printer to be added to the HP Smart app installed on your device. Once Web Services is enabled on your printer, you can start using the HP ePrint feature. All you got to do is to compose an email and send it to your printer’s email address. Setup Wireless Printer


Enjoy wireless printing using your HP printer. There are different methods to connect the printer to your wireless network. If you are one of the persons like us hating cables, you are fit to perform the wireless setup. You can use Auto Wireless Connect, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or Wireless Setup Wizard to complete the wireless printer setup.

123 HP Airprint setup


Configuring your HP printer for AirPrint is quite with Apple devices. This method is one way of printing documents from quite a long distance wirelessly without using any printer apps. Moreover, it is a unique printing method that can be used only on Apple devices. Ensure that your printer supports AirPrint before initiating the setup.


If you are new to the printer setup, make use of the steps given below. It involves both hardware and software setup. In the first part, you will be setting up your printer manually with the provided supplies. In the next part, you will be installing the printer software to make the connection between your printer and computer.

  •     To begin with, take the printer from the box and eliminate all the packing materials from the printer.
  •     Put your fingers into the left-side slot of the printer and then tug to access the ink cartridge access door.
  •     Eliminate the packing materials from the interior of the printer and then seal the ink cartridge access door. Locate the duplexer in the box and remove the packing materials from the duplexer.
  •     Grasp the duplexer by its sides with the roller facing the printer, feed it into the slot in the hindmost of the printer and then drag the duplexer into the printer until it fixes into place.
  •     After installing the duplexer, plug the power cable into the hindside of the printer and then attach the power cable to the power socket.
  •     Press the power button to turn on the printer. Select the desired language and then pick Continue on the printer’s control panel to ratify the choice.
  •     Choose the specific country/region and then select the Continue icon to confirm your choice.
  •     Press the down arrow to select the date and time. Customize the month, day, and year. Finally, select Done.
  •     Get hold of Tray 1, drag the input tray out, and then slide the paper width guides to their farthest positions.

  •     Feed plain paper into the tray and ensure that the print side faces downwards. Slide the paper width guides towards you until they fix on the edges of the paper.
  •     Tug the output tray extender out and lift the paper catch. Follow the same steps for Tray 2.
  •     Insert your fingers into the left-side slot of the printer and then drag to unlock the ink cartridge access door.
  •     Now, wait patiently until the printer is idle. Grasp the ink cartridge by its sides with the nozzles towards the printer.
  •     Insert the HP ink cartridges into the respective slots and press them until they are fixed into their places.
  •     Close the ink cartridge access door and pause for a minute for the printer to align the ink cartridges.
  •     Once the alignment is finished, the printer will print an alignment page. Configure the printer hardware and then install the printer software on your computer.
  •     Never connect the printer to your computer until prompted by the printer software.


Need help with your HP printer? Find solutions and helpful tips from our pages. The solutions are simple when you know already what they are. Get connected with our experts for instant solutions. We provide solutions for all these common errors.

Paper Jam Error

Data Outloaded

Ink Error

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