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123 HP Setup and install

Are you not able to how to setup the printer or how to install the 123 hp printer? No worries!Here,we focus mainly on all these issues and simple steps for the 123 HP Setup process.

123 HP Driver Installation

Get the latest printer driver and software for your any printer models from our website. Enjoy all the added features in your 123 hp printer with the upgraded printer driver.

123HP Troubleshooting

Are you facing frequent issues with the printers? Get in touch with our support team for instant solutions and printer maintenance tips to make the printer work faster and easier.

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123HP Printer Platform Support

Mac setup

To 123 hp setup the printer for Mac operating system,you need to examine the printer model and version of the operating system for compatible driver installation.

Window setup

Are you browsing for setting up a new printer for your Windows computer? With ease,utilize the manual to get started with the Windows setup for the printer.

Cloud print setup

Setup the printer to the mobile device to print the items from the mobile device wirelessly. Without the installation of drivers, you can print by just downloading the app.

Smartphone setup

Setup the printer to the mobile device to print the items from the mobile device wirelessly. Without the installation of drivers, you can print by just downloading the app.

How to Print from your mobile?

123 HP Eprint Setup

HP ePrint Setup

ePrint helps us to make our printing easier with the help of mobile devices. Select File and then print from the printer wirelessly. It is the free app and easy to install a single driver from the Google Play Store. Look for the printer’s name is simple and easy to connect with the printers. You will be able to print any file type and size. HP ePrint is compatible with Windows and Mac. HP ePrint stores the printer to the recently used printers list. Setup Wireless Printer

HP Printer Wireless setup

For configuring the printer over a wireless network,initially,key in the network name and password for a secure connection. There are different methods to connect the printer over a wireless network. Make use of Auto Wireless Connect,Wi-Fi Protected Setup or USB printer setup in accordance with the printer’s compatibility with the methods mentioned. You are free from the cables for connecting the printer.

123 HP Airprint setup

HP AirPrint Setup

Configure your printer with AirPrint which is an app compatible for Apple Devices. One of the advantages is to print the item from a quite long distance wirelessly within your range of the printer. Establish the connection to the printer and Mac in the same wireless network. Upgrade the latest version of the software and firmware for your printer to connect the printer for AirPrint. To employ with AirPrint,you are not permitted to connect using USB cable.

How to Setup and Install HP Printer? – First Time

For primary printer installation, take off the printer and all packing materials from the shipment box, plug in the power cord, personalize the control panel preferences,feed paper into the paper tray,install the ink cartridges and then download and install the printer software.

  •     Take away the printer from the box and eliminate all the packing materials from the printer.
  •     Keep your fingers into the slot on the left side of the printer and then tug to access the ink cartridge access door out.
  •     Eliminate the packing materials from the interior of the printer and then seal the ink cartridge access door. Locate the duplexer in the box and eliminate the packing materials from the duplexer.
  •     Grasp the duplexer by its sides with the roller facing the printer,feed it into the slot in the hindmost of the printer and then drag the duplexer into the printer until it fixes into place.
  •     After installing the duplexer ,plug in the power cable to the hindside of the printer and then attach the power cable to the power socket.
  •     Press the power button to turn on the printer. Select the desired language and then choose continue on the printer’s control panel to ratify the choice.
  •     Choose the specific country/region and then select the Continue icon to confirm the choice.
  •     Select the down arrow to select the Date and time to customize the month,day and year and then select Done.

  •     Handle the Tray 1 ,drag the input tray out and then drift the paper width guides to their farthest positions.
  •     Feed plain paper in the tray and ensure that the print side facing downwards and then the short edge is forwards.
  •     Glide the paper width guides towards you and then they fix on the edges of the paper,if required.
  •     Tug the output tray extender out and elevate the paper catch. Follow the same steps for tray2.
  •     On the left side of the printer,keep the fingers into the slot and then drag to unlock the ink cartridge access door.
  •     Refrain from the proceedings until the printer is idle prior to continue. Grasp the ink cartridge by its sides with the nozzles towards the printer.
  •     Install the 123 HP ink cartridges into their respective slots forwards until it fixes into place.
  •     Seal the ink cartridge access door and pause for a minute for the printer to align the ink cartridges.Once the alignment is finished,the printer prints an alignment page. Configure the printer hardware and install the printing software.
  •     Never plug in the printer to a computer until prompted by the printing software. – HP Troubleshooting Solutions

When your printer creates problem suddenly during an important occasion and this havoc cannot be rectified within minutes. Wondering how to solve the printer problem with quick and easy? Utilize the manuals to rectify the printer problems or call our toll-free for instant solutions.

PaperJam Error

Data outloaded

Ink Cartridge Problem

Paper Feed Problem

Fax Problem

123 hp setup

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HP all in one printer
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