123.hp.com/ojpro6968 Printer Setup

The HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer setup lets you use the printer and perform printing effectively.
Carry forward the steps given below to setup the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer.


Printer Driver Download

Click the link below to proceed with the driver download process.


Wireless Setup

Set up the printer over a wireless network using the wi-fi feature.


Mobile Printing

Use the HP smart app to connect the printer to a mobile device.



Resolve various errors occuring on the printer using guided procedures.


How to Setup HP Officejet Pro 6968 Printer

  • Since the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer is an all in one, you need to handle it carefully as it is equipped with a display panel.
  • The device must be taken out from the box and placed in a location which is close to a wall outlet.
  • Remove the outer cover from the printer using scissors.
  • Look for tapes that surround the device and peel them off gently.
  • This lets you access the cartridge area, scanner lid, and input & output trays.
  • Open the input and output door of the printer and remove the Styrofoam sheets and packing materials from it.
  • Unwind the power cord present in the box.
  • Attach one end of it to the printer and the other end to a wall outlet.

123.hp.com/setup 6968

HP Officejet Pro 6968 Driver and Manual Download

The HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer driver and manual can be obtained from this website. A driver is a software which acts as an interface between your printer and computer. There are two types of drivers which include the full feature and basic. The manual provides a basic perspective of the setup and solutions to resolve issues.

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HP Officejet Pro 6968 Wireless Setup

The Officejet pro 6968 wireless setup lets you print wirelessly from any wireless-enabled device. This printer is efficient at performing print jobs wirelessly. This 123.hp.com/setup 6968 printer lets you connect various wireless capable devices to the same device and print efficiently. This feature is best suited for performing multiple print jobs from various devices. If you need assistance to perform the setup, carry forward the steps that are given in the below topic.

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HP Officejet Pro 6968 Mobile Printing

The HP Officejet pro 6968 printer performs mobile printing applications which include ePrint, AirPrint, and Wireless Direct Printing. The steps to perform these operations are stated in the forthcoming steps.

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How to Print on HP Officejet Pro 6968 Printer

The procedure on how to print on the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer is listed below. Just perform them accordingly and print a photo or document.

  • Commence the first time printer setup by referring to the topics that are given on this page.
  • Install the ink cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Connect your printer and computer via a wired or wireless connection.
  • Open the paper input and output tray of your device.
  • Pull the extender out carefully, load the paper and adjust the paper width guides properly.
  • Make sure the guides touch the edge of the paper.
  • This ascertains a smooth feeding of paper.
  • Select a document or photo using any application on your computer.
  • Choose the Print option, select your 123 hp officejet pro 6968 printer model from this list and then click Print.
  • The document now gets printed.
  • If you face any issues while printing, select the Click to Call button for further assistance.

How to Print Double Side on HP Officejet Pro 6968 Printer

  • Printing on both sides is also known as duplexing.
  • Place paper into the input tray of your 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer.
  • Open the HP Print software on your computer.
  • Ascertain that your printer is selected.
  • Select the Properties dialog box and click Preferences.
  • Choose the Printing Shortcut tab and then select Print on Both Sides.
  • Open the document to be printed and select Print from the menu.
  • Now click OK to close the Properties dialog box and then select Print or OK to commence printing.

How to Scan on HP Officejet Pro 6968 Printer

Scanning on the Officejet 6968 printer is simple and concise. Just carry forward the steps given below to start scanning.

  • You can scan documents, photos, and brochures using the Officejet 6968 printer.
  • The paper needs to be loaded on the scanner glass after opening the scanner lid.
  • Ascertain to place the paper such that its printed side faces the platen.
  • Both the printer and computer needs to be linked to the same wireless network.
  • Make sure the latest version of the printer driver is downloaded on your computer.
  • Open the HP Printer software which is on your computer and go to the Scan section.
  • Now choose Manage Scan to Computer and click Enable.
  • Tap Scan on the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer’s display panel and the document gets saved as an image on your computer.

HP Officejet Pro 6968 Scan to Folder

  • The Officejet pro 6968 printer needs to be linked to the same wireless network that your computer is linked to.
  • The Printer network is recommended to be set to DHCP and not manual IP.
  • Select the Network button to display the Wired IP address.
  • Now select the Wireless button to display the wireless IP address.
  • Open a web browser on your sysetem and type the IP address that is displayed and press Enter.
  • Look for the Administration button on the left navigation pane and select that option.
  • Select the Scan to Network folder option in the Enabled features section.
  • Enable the EWS on your 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer.
  • Now place a document on the scanner platen and then tap the Scan option on the display panel.
  • Choose Scan to Network Folder enter the credentials and then select Scan.

How to Copy on HP Officejet Pro 6968 Printer

Copying using the HP Officejet pro 6968 printer is very easy. Carry forward the steps given below to print.

  • Ascertain that the printer firmware of the Officejet 6968 printer is up to date.
  • If not, update it from the Settings menu of the control panel.
  • Place your the photo or printed sheet such that the side printed faces down on the scanner glass.
  • Tap Copy on the display panel of the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer.
  • Choose Document, ID Card or Photo.
  • Select either Start Color or Start Black to commence copying.
  • Find the copy of the document on the output tray of the printer.

How to Fax on HP Officejet Pro 6968 Printer

Gather the phone cord in the printer box to establish the fax connection. Perform faxing using the steps given below.

  • Establish a phone connection to the printer.
  • Link one end of the telephone cable to the Line 1 jack of the printer Connect the other end to the splitter that is linked to the DSL.
  • Load the document to be faxed into the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
  • Tap Fax on the Officejet 6968 printer’s display panel.
  • Select Send Now and then key in the recipient’s fax number using the keypad.
  • Tap Black or Color, the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer detects the document in the ADF and sends it.

HP Officejet Pro 6968 Troubleshooting

The steps to troubleshoot certain common issues that occur on the HP Officejet 6968 printer are given below. Instead of running to the nearest technician, you can follow these simple solutions to overcome issues. The solutions to overcome the printer offline, printer not printing, ink cartridge problem and paper jam issues are provided in the forthcoming topics given below.

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Printer Offline

A solution to overcome the Officejet printer offline issue are given below.

Printer not Printing

The solution to resolve the printer not printing in black issue is given below.

Ink Cartridge Problem

Ink cartridge problems can occur due to several reasons. Carry forward the steps given below to overcome the ink cartridge issue.

Paper Jam Issues

Paper jam issues on Officejet printers are quite common. Resolve them by going with the prompts that are given below.

Factory Reset

Performing the factory reset on the 123.hp.com/ojpro6968 printer restores the settings of the printer to its default.