Connect HP Deskjet 2652 to Wifi

HP Deskjet 2652 Wireless setup lets you perform printing effectively. It is a very reliable setup which helps you print documents from any wireless capable device.

  • HP Deskjet 2562 is a wireless capable device, carry forward the steps below to perform the wireless setup.
  • Obtain the wireless name and password of the router before establishing a connection.
  • Ascertain the router functions properly and provides an uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Press the Wireless button which is on the printer’s control panel and then wait for the wireless lamp to flash.
  • This ascertains that the Wireless feature is turned on properly.
  • Make sure to Connect hp deskjet 2652 to wifi the computer to the same network.
  • Install the printer driver when prompted by the installer.
  • While performing a wireless connection, make sure to disconnect any USB cables that are attached to your computer.
  • Select the printer from the Devices and Printers option on the control panel.

Connect hp deskjet 2652 to wifi

HP deskjet 2652 wireless direct

The procedure to perform the wireless direct setup on your HP Deskjet 2652 printer is given below.

  • Make sure your printer and computer are linked to the same device.
  • Also, ascertain that the latest version of the printer driver is installed on your computer. If you are using a smartphone, ascertain to download the latest version of HP Smart.
  • On your iOS device, select the Print option from the Share Menu.
  • For Android devices, select the HP Print Service Plugin from Google Play Store. Select Print from the Device menu if you have a Windows device.
  • For Chromebooks, download and install the HP Print for Chrome app from the Chrom Web Store. This enables both Wi-Fi and USB printing.

How to find HP Deskjet 2652 WPS pin

The WPS pin of your device helps you Connect hp deskjet 2652 to wifi network seamlessly. It is a secure service that helps you perform printing effectively.

  • Get the HP Deskjet 2652 WPS pin of your router.
  • Look for a sticker that is stuck at the back of the printer.
  • The WPS pin will be present on the sticker, note it down.
  • If you want the WPS pin of your printer, hold the Wireless and Resume button of your printer for three seconds.
  • A blinking Wireless light denotes that the WPS push button setup is in progress.
  • Push the information button within two minutes to connect via WPS.

How to connect to HP deskjet 2652

  • Unbox the printer from its package and take the packing materials out.
  • Connect the power cord between your printer and computer.
  • Locate the power button on the deskjet 2562 printer and press it.
  • The device gets turned on.
  • Print a test page to confirm the connection.
  • Install HP Easy start on your computer.
  • During installation, you will be prompted to select the connection type, choose USB.
  • You can use a USB cable to connect your printer and computer.
  • When prompted to connect the USB cable, go with the steps below.
  • Attach the square end of the cable to the rear of the printer.
  • Connect the end with a trident symbol to the USB port of your computer.

How to connect HP deskjet 2652 to computer

  • There are two ways to link your printer and computer.
  • One is by wired, and the other is by wireless.
  • To establish a wired connection, use the USB cable that came in the printer box.
  • For a wireless connection, make sure to gather the network credentials of the router.
  • They include the network name and password.
  • Gently press the Wireless button on the printer and wait for the Wireless lamp to glow.
  • Your printer and computer must be linked to the same network.