123.hp.com/dj2632 setup

The Deskjet 2632 printer is very compact and simple in design. Setting up this printer begins with taking it out of the carton, removing the packing materials and tapes surrounding it, insert papers, and install ink cartridges. Refer to the steps below to perform the printer setup process on the 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer.

How to Setup HP Deskjet 2632 Printer

  • Unpack the materials which in the carton and set them aside.
  • Take the setup poster, user guide, and other materials as well.
  • Remove the power cable, USB cord, and new cartridges inside the box.
  • Open the ink cartridge area followed by the output tray, and discard the tapes that are present inside and outside the 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer.
  • Take the power cord out, link one end of it to the rear of the device.
  • Attach the socket end to the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the device and open the output tray followed by the access door.
  • Wait for the carriage to get to the right.
  • Take the new cartridge from the package and remove the packing materials.
  • Insert the new cartridge into the 123.hp.com/setup 2632 printer.
  • Redo the same procedure to install the tri-color cartridge as well.

HP Deskjet 2632
Driver Download

Get the latest version of the HP Deskjet 2632 printer driver from the link provided on this site.

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HP Deskjet 2632 wireless setup

Set up the HP Deskjet 2632 printer over a wireless network using the built-in Wireless function of the printer.

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HP Deskjet 2632 Airprint setup

AirPrint lets you start printing from any Apple device. This is a popular application which makes printing secure. Get this app from the Apple App Store.

How to print HP Deskjet 2632 from Iphone

  • Print from iPhone using the HP Deskjet 2632 printer using Apple AirPrint.
  • Get the AirPrint application from the Apple App Store.
  • Your 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer and smartphone need to be linked to the same network.
  • Make sure the phone is within the range of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Access Photos on your iPhone, choose the Share icon and then select Print.
  • Check the app’s user guide or help section.
  • Now choose Select Printer and tap the print option.
  • Assign the number of copies using the buttons and then tap Print.
  • You can view or cancel the print job using App Switcher.

HP Deskjet 2632 ePrint setup

  • Ascertain that the Web Services option is setup.
  • Now push the information and Cancel buttons simultaneously.
  • Open the HP ePrint application on your smartphone or computer.
  • Make sure your device is linked to the internet.
  • Open your email application, create a new email, and attach the document to print.
  • Transmit an email to the printer’s email address.
  • The printer now prints the attached document.
  • ePrint lets you print from any location provided you are linked to the internet.

HP Deskjet 2632 Double Sided Printing

  • Open the HP Printer Assistant software on your computer.
  • Ascertain to choose your printer.
  • Select the Properties dialog box.
  • Choose Printing Shortcuts and select Duplex printing.
  • After the first side of the printer is printed, reload the paper and select Continue.
  • Select OK to print.

How to connect to HP Deskjet 2632

  • Unwrap the printer from its package and remove the packing materials.
  • Link the power cord between your printer and computer.
  • Locate the power button on the deskjet 2562 printer and press it gently.
  • A test page will get printed; this confirms the connection.
  • Get HP Easy start on your computer.
  • Select the connection type when prompted and choose USB.
  • Use a USB cable to link your 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer and computer.
  • When prompted to connect the USB cable, perform the steps below.
  • Link the square end of the cable to the printer’s rear.
  • Connect the other end with a trident symbol to the USB port of your computer.

How to Scan HP Deskjet 2632

Scanning on the HP Deskjet 2632 printer is simple. Lift the scanner lid and place the paper on the scanner glass. While placing the paper, the printed side needs to face down. Get the latest version of the printer driver by installing it on your computer.

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HP Deskjet 2632 Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting section on this site contains steps to overcome issues such as not printing, printer offline, not connecting Wi-Fi, paper jam, and steps to perform a firmware update.

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Wont Print

The HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 fails to print and an error message stating Printer Offline appears on the printer screen.

Won’t connect to wifi

The printer shows an error code along with a message stating “depleted cartridges must be replaced to resume printing.”

Paper Jam

Paper Jams occur due to incorrect insertion of paper, damaged rollers, and using inappropriate or low-quality papers.

Printer Offline

Paper Jams occur due to incorrect insertion of paper, damaged rollers, and using inappropriate or low-quality papers.

Firmware Update

Paper Jams occur due to incorrect insertion of paper, damaged rollers, and using inappropriate or low-quality papers.


The Deskjet 2632 printer’s setup process, ink cartridge installation, driver download, and driver installation process are provided here. You can also get assistance to perform printing, scanning, duplex printing, wireless setup, Wi-Fi direct, and printing via ePrint & AirPrint. Also, the solutions to resolve 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer issues such as printer offline, not printing, paper jams and other common issues are provided on this page. To address other issues and solve them, contact our techies.