123.hp.com/envy4524 Printer

  •   Perform all the multifunctions in a single device.
  •   Epson mobile solution
  •   Wireless and cloud printing
  •   High resolution scanning and printing
  •   Direct scanning to Facebook
  •   Remarkable images and crisp text
  •   Ultra fast and user-friendly

123 HP Envy 4524 Printer Functions

How to Scan

Scan your document or photo with the HP Envy 4524 printer. You can view the Scan option on the control panel of your 123.hp.com/envy4524 printer.Convert the scanned document to the PDF file and send it to email; print the required items easily from the email.
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How to Setup – 123.hp.com/envy4524 Printer

Install the 123 HP Envy 4524 printer with the help of our guides. Make use of the components which came along with your printer. Use the installation CD to install the printer driver and software. If it does not work, uninstall the existing driver and install it again. Or else, download the compatible driver from our website. Insert the ink cartridges into its respective slot. Position the duplexer into the printer. Ensure that the duplexer is placed properly. Use the USB cable to connect the printer and the computer.

Unbox Printer Setup – HP Envy 4524 Printer

  • Step 1:    Take out the HP Envy 4524 printer from the box and then unwrap the packing material. Open the cartridge access door.
  • Step 2:    Remove all the tapes inside the ink cartridge access door, once you are done, close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Step 3:    Connect the power cord to the hind side of your printer, link the other end of the power cord to the socket.
  • Step 4:    Power up the printer. Open the input tray, insert the stack of paper and align the width guides correctly.Open the ink cartridge access door. Position the ink cartridges which is corresponding to their slot and close the cartridge door.
  • Step 5:    Once you completed the installation process, an alignment page gets printed by your 123 HP Envy 4524 printer on its own. Now the ink cartridge gets aligned properly so automatically you can attain the best print quality. The printer’s print quality gets improved.
  • Step 6:    Close the scanner lid and then select OK on the printer’s control panel. Configure an appropriate driver and software for your 123.hp.com/envy4524 printer.
  • Step 7:    Open the Scanner lid and position the alignment page on the scanner glass. It must be positioned according to the conferred guides around the scanner glass.
  • Step 8:    Do not enable the connection between your HP Envy 4524 printer and the computer until it is prompted.
  • Step 9:   If your printer performs both the print and scan functions successfully after the printer driver installation, then it is all set. It is always recommended to restart your computer and printer to make the changes effective.

If You Have any Queries About Installation

123.hp.com/setup 4524

HP Envy 4524 Setup

HP Envy 4524 Driver and Manual Download

If you have any setup and troubleshooting issue, you no need to waste the time by surfing the websites. Just download our manual and use the tips to rectify the issue. Without the driver, printer will not print a document. Download your printer driver from our website based on the compatibility.Readmore…

Driver downloadManual download

123 HP Setup 4524 – Duplex printing

Verify whether your 123.hp.com/envy4524 printer is compatible with an Automatic Duplex Printing. Printing and copying are necessary for an office environment. So automatically we expect fast printing to improve our productivity. With the help of automatic two-sided printing, we can achieve the faster print speed. Manual and automatic duplex printing are available.

  •   Automatic flipping of pages.
  •   Saves your time and speed
  •   Improves your productivity.
  •   Supports Portrait and Landscape Mode.
  •   Avail duplex Print and Scan..
  •   Acquire Reverse Automatic Document Feeder.
  •   Print both sides on a single pass.
  •   Applicable for Windows and Mac users.
  •   Save your paper – Eco-friendly.
  •   Less human intervention.
  •   Save your money with less paper.
  •   Supports for both Wired and Wireless connection.
Envy 4524 Printer Troubleshooting

HP Envy 4524 Printer Offline

If you received a printer offline message on your printer’s control panel. Check your printer connection (Wired or Wireless). If it is a Wired connection, make certain that the cables are linked properly. If it is a Wireless connection, ensure that the Wireless network name and password are correct. Locate your devices within the range of the Wireless network. Try out these basic issues so that you can clear your issues.

HP 4524 Printer not found during network driver setup

Usually, printer not found during network driver setup message displays, when your 123 hp envy 4524 printer connection is not proper. Check the connection between your printer and the system. Ensure that the cables are plugged properly. If you use the Wireless connection, make sure that you position the printer and router at a closer distance.Readmore…

123 HP Envy 4524 Printer Setup

HP Envy 4524 Printer Installation & Setup!
Steps to download HP Envy 4524 Printer Driver & Software.
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