How to Print from Mobile to HP Ojpro8710?

AirPrint lets you perform mobile printing from any Apple device. This feature lets you sync multiple devices to your printer and perform printing. Print jobs sent from the devices are stored in the queue and processed accordingly. Begin with setting up the network connection, checking the printer’s connection, installing AirPrint on Mac, and printing.

how to print from mobile to hp ojpro8710

HP officejet pro 8710 print from iphone or ios

  • Print using most applications from your Apple iOS.
  • Ascertain that your printer is powered on and linked to a wireless network.
  • Open Wireless Settings on your iPhone and ascertain that you are linked to the network connected to your printer.
  • Open the document, web page, or image that you need to print.
  • Tap the Share icon and then Print.
  • Choose Select Printer and pick Envy 8710 from the list.
  • Change the print settings as required and tap Print.
  • Use HP Print software on your Mac computer to print.

HP Officejet pro 8710 scan to email

  • Ascertain that your Officejet 8710 printer and computer are linked wirelessly.
  • Note the printer’s email address.
  • Setup the outgoing email profile from your computer.
  • The HP Printer software of your computer needs to be opened. Now select Print, Scan & Fax.
  • Now select Scan and then choose Scan to E-mail Wizard.
  • Choose New and proceed with the instructions on the screen.
  • On the display panel of your computer, select Scan to email in Settings.
  • Place the document facing up on the scanner glass and choose Scan.

HP officejet pro 8710 double sided scaning

  • Lift the scanner lid to open the
  • Keep the document on the scanner glass carefully.
  • Make sure its printed side faces down and shut the scanner lid.
  • You can also load the documents into the ADF tray of your printer.
  • Open the HP Scan software on your computer.
  • Select Scan in the HP Scan Window of your computer.
  • Choose your printer name in the Scanner menu an then choose a scan job type.
  • Select the Down arrow in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Make changes to the scan color, orientation, and quality settings & select Scan.