how to scan HP officejet 5258

Link the printer to a reliable wall power source and power it up. Activate your wireless router that is linked to a network source.

  • Touch the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Bridge the printer’s Wi-Fi to your wireless router.
  • Connect the laptop that you use to the same wireless network source.
  • Load the scanner with the document to be scanned.
  • On the printer’s control panel, tap the scan button.
  • A green-colored light passes across the scanner.
  • After the scan completes, the scanned copy displays on the laptop’s screen.
  • Click the Save option at the bottom to download and save the doc.
  • Other scanning functionalities can be performed from the HP OfficeJet 5258 printer.
  • They are Scan to Computer, Scan to email, Scan to a network folder.

how to scan hp officejet 5255

how to scan from HP OfficeJet 5255 printer to computer

  • Download and install the HP OfficeJet 5258 full feature driver package.
  • Connect the printer and the PC through a network or USB hub.
  • Insert the document to be scanned into the printer’s scanner.
  • Click Start and then Search on the PC. Type HP and tap the Enter key.
  • Click on your printer model from the on-screen list and wait for a while.
  • The HP Printer Assistant opens. Expand the Scan tab.
  • Click Scan a Document or Photo and wait until the HP Scan software opens.
  • Select Scan and the printer scans and displays the scanned file on your PC.

HP OfficeJet 5255 scan to email

  • Use your printer’s email id to share the scanned document.
  • Access the Control Panel settings on your HP OfficeJet 5258 printer.
  • Go to the Applications menu and tap the Scan to Email option.
  • Power up your Apple device and click the Apple icon on the taskbar.
  • Locate and click the System Preferences menu from the drop-down list.
  • Wait until the Finder menu opens and after it does, click Go on top of the screen.
  • Double-click the Image Capture option on the upcoming screen.
  • Alter the settings & click Scan. The doc moves to the synchronized email account.