How To Scan On HP DeskJet 3636 Printer

Scanning and saving an original with HP DeskJet 3636 printer is pretty easy. First, ensure that the printer’s hardware and software setup are completed. Next, install the recommended scanner drivers on your computer. Prepare the original that you want to scan.If you’re scanning a hard copy of the original, place it on the scanner glass. If you want to scan and save the original that you have saved on your computer, select it when configuring the scan settings. Configure the scan settings and click Scan on the printer software screen.The DeskJet 3636 printer will scan the placed or selected original and save it to the destination that you have selected. Scanning with HP DeskJet 3636 is that simple, right? Continue reading to learn more about scanning on HP DeskJet 3636.

How To Scan On A HP DeskJet 3636

HP DeskJet 3636 Scan to Computer

  • Switch on your HP DeskJet printer if it is turned off. On the printer’s scanner glass, place the original you want to scan.
  • Open the HP printer software or HP Scan on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • To do so, click the HP DeskJet 3636 printer icon.
  • If your printer icon is not present on your desktop, open the scan software from the Applications.
  • For Windows, once the application opens, go to the Scan section and select Scan a Document or Photo. For Mac, click Scan on the software’s main screen.
  • Choose the scan type. Configure the scan resolution and other scan settings as per your needs.
  • Select Show Viewer After Scan if you want to make any adjustments to the scanned image after the scanning (Windows only).
  • Finally, click Scan. Now, the HP DeskJet 3636 printer will scan the placed original and save it to the selected destination location.

HP DeskJet 3636 Scan Multiple pages

  • The HP DeskJet 3636 printer doesn’t have an ADF. So, you can scan a single document or multiple documents only using the scanner glass.
  • Place the first page of the original you want to scan on the printer’s scanner glass.
  • Open HP Scan or the HP printer software on your computer. Scan the first page of the document by referring to the instructions above.
  • In general, the software will display the preview of the scanned document once the printer completes scanning.
  • Remove the first page and place the second one on the glass.
  • Now, click the plus sign beside the close symbol on the Preview screen.
  • Repeat the same process to scan other pages. Once you are done, select Save. You can save the scanned documents as a booklet by clicking Save as PDF or selecting Save as JPEG.
How To Scan On HP DeskJet 3636

Are you done with the scanning?

Have you now learned how to scan on HP DeskJet 3636 printer? We believe yes. Contact us if not or if you want to learn more about scanning an original with your HP printer. Our support team will assist you in performing the same and clear all your scanning-related queries.Click the toll-free button provided on this page to reach us now.

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