123 HP OJPro 251DW Troubleshooting Guidelines

123 HP OJPro 251DW

How to Fix HP Officejet Pro 251dw Paper Jam?

  •    When you find the paper stuck in the input tray, your printer’s control panel will send an alert message stating that paper jam is found.
  •    When you receive this message, printer functionality cannot be proceeded without solving the 123 HP OJPro251DW Troubleshooting issue.
  •    We provide a few tips to overcome the paper jam issue. While you loading the paper into the tray, grasp the paper stack, and then tap on the bottom edge on a flat surface on the stack so that it can be even on all sides.
  •    It is not advisable to place numerous paper into the tray. Overloading the tray also causes the paper jam issue.
  •    Feeding the paper into the tray can be done only when the 123.hp.com/ojpro251dw printer is idle and is not performing any print job.
  •    Feed the paper into the tray only when the output tray extender is fully extended.
  •    Check whether the paper you are using is supported by the HP Officejet 251 DW printer.
  •    You are not supposed to use the paper which has clips or staples attached to it.
  •    Using the paper which is bent, dusty, damp, curled, torn fails to lie flat on the input tray.
  •    Avoid using dissimilar paper types at a time. Using the paper with different types, sizes, types lead to the paper jam issue.
  •    Ascertain that the paper you fed corresponds to the print job you assign. Inappropriate usage of paper type results in paper jam issue.

How to Fix HP Officejet Pro 251dw Printhead issue?

  •    Printhead issue causes the improper functioning of the printer. When your printer encounters printhead issue, you will receive a warning message on your printer’s control panel.
  •    Take out the printhead from your printer, wipe it using a damp cloth, and then install it again to your HP Officejet Pro 251DW printer.
  •    To remove the printhead from the printer, power it off for safety measures. Subsequently, unlatch the cartridge access door, release all cartridge from the slots, keep it on a paper with the ink opening pointing up.
  •    Clean the printhead, use the prompts, place the ink cartridges again into the slots, re-install the printhead to the printer.
  •    If you find the 123 HP OJPro251DW Troubleshooting issue has not been resolved, follow the prompts displayed to reset the HP Officejet 251DW printer.
  •    Power up your printer, if it is off earlier. Hold on until your printer is calm and then proceed to the further steps.
  •    When your printer is powered on, unplug the power cord from the printer’s rear end and from the electrical outlet wall.
  •    Leave for a while and then connect the power cord again into the wall outlet. Plug- in the power cord to the printer’s rear end.
  •    Power up your 123.hp.com/ojpro251dw printer. Now you can see the flashing of the lights. By that your printer undergoes warm- up period, hold on until it finishes its warm- up phase.

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