HP Deskjet 1112 Ink

Color or Black HP 1112 Ink Not Printing

Solution 1: Verify the print settings

  •   To check the print settings, click on the file, and the tap Print. Then the print dialog box screens.
  •   Choose the 123.hp.com/dj1112 printer name, and then tap the icon that accesses the Properties dialog box.
  •   Liable to the operating system of the computer you are using the procedure varies.
  •   Go through the instructions for your operating system, and check whether the settings are done properly.
  •   Try to print. If the solution does not resolve your issue, try the next solution provided in this document.

Solution 2: monitor the level of the HP Deskjet 1112 Ink cartridge

  •   Low ink level contributes to poor print quality. Use the instructions and know which cartridge is low.
  •   Go to the printer’s control panel, and tap the right arrow key and click ink. The present ink level gets displayed.
  •   If you find any HP Deskjet 1112 ink toner level to be low, replace it with a new one. Pull out the toner from the slot when your printer is on.
  •   Remove the protective layer which is present on the new ink cartridge, and then place it in the slot. After ensuring that it is placed properly, close the cartridge access door, and try to print.

Solution3: Take a print of quality report and evaluate it

  •   After placing enough number of paper into the tray, go to printer’s control panel,tap the right arrow to choose the setup icon.
  •   Click on the tools option, and then on the Print Quality Report. By doing this, the printer prints the test page.
  •   Go through the quality report page, and check if any defects are present. If you find defects follow the prompts. If no defectives are found, but still the print quality is not met as expected, check the resolution of printing.
  •   Go to the next solution, when the print quality gets hit and the printer issue is not resolved.
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Solution 4: check whether the cartridges are seated correctly

  •   After powering up the HP Deskjet 1112 printer, open the cartridge access door, and hold on until the carriage comes to rest.
  •   Click on the tab present on the front side of the carriage, and then release it. Remove the toner from its slot.
  •   Check for the vent area in the cartridge. If you find any orange pull- tab attached to the cartridge, remove it.
  •   If you find the venture is clogged, make use of a pin to eliminate excess adhesive from the vent.
  •   After clearing the vent, use the on- screen instructions to set the toner back into its slots.

Solution 5: make the printhead free from dust using an automate tool

  •   Affirm that you have placed enough number of paper in the input tray properly.
  •   Click on the right arrow, and then click Setup option, go with the tools option and tap on Clean Printhead.
  •   After the 123.hp.cpom/dj1112 printer prints the test page, review the print quality on the test page.
  •    If the printhead still has clogs, remove it until it is set free.
  •   Between each cleaning let the printer undisturbed for 30 seconds and then proceed.
  •   For more information regarding the 123.hp.com/setup 1112 printer issue, click a call on the number displayed on the screen.

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