HP DeskJet 2540 Troubleshooting

Every device is susceptible to errors, but you can fix the trouble with the appropriate troubleshooting solutions. Many HP DeskJet 2540 problems can occur due to clogged ink cartridges, a faulty power cord, or outdated software. On this web page, we’ll look at the different issues you may be having with your HP DeskJet 2540 printer. Hopefully, these solutions can get you fixed up in no time.

HP Deskjet 2540 won’t print

If your HP DeskJet 2540 printer is not printing, you may miss out a lot of opportunities to print important documents. However, some techniques can help you solve the trouble in no time. Try these techniques and restart your printing job.

  • Make sure there is enough paper in the paper tray. Check the printer ink levels. Open the printer software on your computer and click Estimated Ink Levels in the top menu bar. If the cartridge is empty or nearly empty, replace it with a new one and see if the problem is resolved. See if an error code is displayed on the control panel of the HP DeskJet 2540 printer. If so, use the appropriate solution to troubleshoot the issue. If the printer has a paper jam, the printer will not print anything. To resolve this issue, remove any jammed paper from the designated area.
  • Setting a printer as the default is always important. All print jobs are sent directly to the printer. If you have not done that, follow these steps to set the HP DeskJet 2540 printer as your default printer. Click Start and go to the Devices and Printers section. Right-click your HP printer and select Set as default printer. Then check if the printer can print the document.
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  • If you keep sending print jobs to the printer, the pending jobs will pile up, and the printer can start to malfunction. To fix this, you will need to cancel all print jobs you have ever sent to the printer. Click Start and go to the Devices and Printers section. Right-click your printer and select the See what’s printing option. Click the Printer tab and select Cancel All Documents.
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HP Deskjet 2540 Won’t scan

If your HP DeskJet 2540 printer is not scanning your documents, it can be frustrating, which is why we have compiled some troubleshooting solutions in this section. Try them out and fix your trouble.

  • Printing and scanning issues can be efficiently handled on HP printers using the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. Get the software from HP’s official website and install it on your computer. Open the utility and click the Fix Scanning button. Wait until the problem gets diagnosed and fixed automatically.
  • If you have connected your printer and computer via USB, ensure the cable is connected firmly to both ends. If necessary, remove the cable and reconnect it to the appropriate ports. In case you have connected them via Wi-Fi, ensure they are connected to the same wireless networks.
  • The driver is the one that establishes the connection between your printer and computer. If it is outdated or corrupted, there will be a communication breakdown between your printer and computer. In that case, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver can fix your issue. If your problem is still not resolved, get updated drivers from HP’s official website and install them on your computer.
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HP DeskJet 2540 Printer Offline

  • If your HP DeskJet 2540 printer doesn’t appear online, you need to check the connection, driver’s version, and print settings.
  • If the Deskjet 2540 is connected wirelessly, ensure your router’s connection remains active and stable. Connect with your Internet service provider if there is an HP Deskjet 2540 Troubleshooting issue with the printer. Make sure the router is placed close to your printer and computer. Check if many devices are attached to the same router. If so, detach them; this will minimize the Wi-Fi channel interference.
  • If you have enabled Use Printer Offline in the Devices and Printers section, your printer may not appear online. But you can fix the issue by disabling the option. To do this, head to the Devices and Printers section. Right-click your printer model and select See what’s printing. Click the Printer menu and ensure Use Printer Offline is disabled.
  • If you connect the printer and computer over a network, ensure they are connected over the same network. If you connect them to different networks, you will not be able to access the printer from your computer. If you connect the printer and computer with a USB cable, ensure the cable is not damaged. Unplug the cable and reconnect it again, and then see if you can print.
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HP DeskJet 2540 Hard Reset

  • If your printer is acting up and you can’t fix it, you might need to hard reset it.
  • Your printer needs to be turned on before performing you perform a hard reset.
  • Next, remove the power cord from the printer’s rear port and an electrical outlet.
  • Leave your printer undisturbed for at least one minute.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the appropriate ports and turn on the printer.
  • This is how you should hard reset your HP DeskJet 2540 printer.
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Hp Deskjet 2540 Firmware Update

The printer firmware is designed to make the printer more reliable and efficient. It can also help your printer to work better with certain software programs. If it is outdated, refer to these instructions and complete the update process.

  • Open the HP Smart App on your computer. Make sure your printer and computer are linked to the same network. They can also be connected via a USB cable. Your printer needs to remain turned on throughout the process. Choose your printer name and select Printer Home Page (EWS) under Advanced. Click Web services or Tools. Choose Printer Updates and select Check Now. Go ahead with the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
  • You can also update the firmware via HP’s official website. To do this, go to HP’s official website from your default browser. Type your printer model in the search area and reach its support page. Here, click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab. Then, select the updated firmware and click the Download button. Then, you can complete the firmware update procedure.
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