HP Deskjet 2632 Scan

Scanning on the HP Deskjet 2632 printer is simple. Lift the scanner lid and place the paper on the scanner glass. While placing the paper, the printed side needs to face down. Get the latest version of the printer driver by installing it on your computer.

How to scan HP Deskjet 2632

HP Deskjet 2632 scan to Computer

  • The paper needs to be loaded on the scanner platen.
  • Go to your computer and open the HP printer application.
  • Choose the Printer icon on the desktop.
  • If the icon isn’t present on your desktop, select it from the list applications that are installed.
  • Now choose Scan -> Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Select Scan and then click Save as PDF or Save as JPEG.
  • Choose Show Viewer After Scan in order to make the required adjustments to the Scanned image.

HP Deskjet 2632 Scan to Email

  • The latest version of the HP Deskjet 2632 printer needs to be installed.
  • Place the original media on the front right corner of the platen.
  • Open an email client on your computer.
  • Choose the printer software on your printer, and select Scan.
  • Select Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Get the type of scan you want and choose Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Select either Email as PDF or Email as JPEG.
  • This completes the setup.