HP DeskJet 3632 wireless setup

  • Before commencing the Wi-Fi setup process, ensure that the latest version of the DeskJet 3632 driver is installed on your laptop.
  • After turning on the printer, press the Wi-Fi button on the access panel.
  • Turn on the Internet Service Provider and ensure that it has an active internet connection.
  • Ensure that the auto-connect mode is enabled on the printer.
  • Halt for a minute and check if the printer links to the ISP automatically.
  • The network light on the printer’s access panel blinks steadily as a result of a successful connection.
  • Initiate a print job and start printing wirelessly.

HP Deskjet 3632 wireless setup

HP Deskjet 3632 Ethernet Network

Before installing the network drivers, ensure that you have a working network router and an Ethernet cable. Refer to the Driver Installation topic to install the DeskJet 3632 printer drivers.


  • A network router with two or more Ethernet ports.
  • Your computer connected to the router via an Ethernet cable.
  • An Ethernet cable (not a telephone cable).


Plug one side of the Ethernet cable to an Ethernet port on your 123.hp.com/dj3632 printer and the other side to an Ethernet slot on your router, switch, or hub. After doing so, initiate a print or scan job and the output produced.

How to find HP DeskJet 3632 WPS pin setup

The Internet Service Provider that you subscribe provides a network password.

  • Search for this password on your wireless router.
  • The password is labeled Wireless Key or WPA2 password, or WEP key.

In Windows

  • Ensure that the printer and the Windows computer are connected already.
  • Right-click the HP Deskjet 3632 wireless setup network tray icon on the taskbar.
  • Click on the Network and Sharing Center option.
  • Click the Change Adapter Settings option.
  • Double-click your wireless network name and click Status.
  • Expand the Wireless Properties menu and click the Security menu.
  • Select the Show characters check-box and the HP Deskjet 3632 wireless setup
    network security key appears on-screen.

How to Connect HP DeskJet 3632 to computer

  • Proceed with the following instructions to connect the HP DeskJet 3632 printer to a computer or laptop through a USB cord.
  • Ensure that the latest version of the printer driver is installed on your laptop.
  • Do not plug the USB cable into the printer before installing the driver.
  • Link the printer to an electrical source and then turn it on.
  • Power on your laptop and make sure to keep both the devices close.
  • Insert the USB cord into the printer’s USB port.
  • Plug the opposite side to a USB port on the laptop.
  • The laptop displays a message stating Installing Device Drivers.
  • Wait until the device HP Deskjet 3632 driver installation process is complete.
  • Click OK on the window that pops up on the upcoming screen.

How to connect to HP DeskJet 3632

  • HP Deskjet 3632 wireless setup functions – built-in Wi-Fi feature, HP Smart app, HP Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Wired connection (Ethernet networking).
  • USB connection.
How to Connect HP DeskJet 3632 to computer