123.hp.com/dj3720 Printer

  •   Supports Wireless connectivity
  •   Supports Mobile Printing
  •   Due to its compact size fits in any location
  •   Supports Windows and Mac Operating system
  •    Supports HP Instant Ink
  •   Excellent print quality
  •   Utilize the quiet mode

HP Deskjet 3720 Printer

How to Setup Hp Deskjet 3720 Printer?

To setup the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer hardware,take the printer from the box for configuring it. The printer is packed with these materials for protecting the printer from damage. Once you examine the printer box. Look whether the shipment box consists of input tray,software installation CD,input tray,ink cartridges,USB cable and warranty card. All these items are used for configuring the printer hardware. Once configured,install the HP Deskjet 3720 Printer driver to print from the printer.

  • Step 1:  Take away the printer from the box and eliminate the plastic materials from the printer.While eliminating the packing materials,make sure that you remove them in and around the printer.
  • Step 2:   Examine the list of contents in the shipment box as it may differ with country/region.After examining,perform the connection process by connecting the power cable to the printer.
  • Step 3:   Attach one end of the power cable to the hind-side of the printer and other end of the cable to the wall socket and then switch on the Deskjet 3720 printer by pressing the power button.
  • Step 4:  Unlock the ink cartridge access door.Refrain from proceeding until the carriage move to the middle of the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer and the carriage remain inactive prior to proceeding to the next step.

  • Step 5:   Take away the ink cartridge from the shipment box.Only touch the black tape on the ink cartridge.Eliminate the plastic tape from the HP 3720 ink cartridge.Never touch the electrical contacts.
  • Step 6:  Clutch both sides of the ink cartridge with the contacts facing the printer and then move the cartridge into the carriage.Install the ink cartridges into their slot until they fix into its place.
  • Step 7:  Install the color cartridge on the left side of the carriage and black ink cartridge into the right slot of the carriage.After installation,seal the ink cartridge access door.
  • Step 8:  Insert the paper into input tray,move the paper width guides against the edges of the paper and then wait for the alignment page to print.Install the printer driver and software in the PC.

How to Download HP Deskjet 3720 Driver and Manual?

Want to download and install the upgraded printer driver and software for Windows and Mac operating systems? It is a very simple task.Without the printer driver,you will not be able to perform any of the features with the HP Deskjet 3720 Printer.The driver is very mandatory for a printer.While downloading,make use of full feature printer driver in the system,to avail all the latest features in the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer.In case you have downloaded the basic driver,you will be able to download it easily due to its small file size.To download the printer driver,make use of the instructions mentioned below to initiate the installation process on the Windows and Mac OS.

HP Deskjet 3720 Driver Download For Windows

  1.    To download the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer driver,use either the installation CD or navigate to our website to download it. Also check the software compatibility with the printer model.
  2.    Load the software installation CD into the computer’s disc drive.After inserting,examine whether the list of contents in the disc is displayed in the Windows screen to install the driver in the PC.
  3.    On the disc folder,look for .exe setup file.Double.click on the .exe setup file to install the printer driver in the computer.To finish the installation process,you need to trail the on-screen instructions.
  4.    In case the CD is not able to access,download the printer driver from our website by typing the printer model number and operating system version to install the upgraded printer driver for latest features.
  5.    After downloading,in the downloads folder,double-click the .exe file to initiate the installation process.To complete the process,trial the on-screen commands and try to print from the printer.

HP Deskjet 3720 Driver Download For Mac

  •    Keep the software installation CD on the computer’s disc drive to install the printer driver in the system.The files in the disc get automatically list on the Windows screen.
  •    Look for the .dmg file to install the printer driver in the system which helps you to print from the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer. Double click on the file to start the installation process and then trail the on-screen steps.
  •    In case the CD did not open or not supported,download the printer driver from our website.Index the printer model and OS version for downloading.
  •    Double-click on the setup file to commence the installation.
  •    Once you connect the HP Deskjet 3720 printer to the network,try to install the printer driver.
  •    After the file starts installing,you need to trail the instructions mentioned on the screen to complete the installation process. In case of any issue while installing,call our tech support team to solve the issue.

Scan Setup

Scanning is one of the easiest methods to convert your printed document to soft copy. This method helps you to save your scanned documents in the system. Prior to scanning,ensure that the full feature driver is installed in the system for scan jobs. Make use of the scanner glass and Automatic Document Feeder to scan from the printer which makes the process easier.Want to know how to scan from the Deskjet 3720 printer. Press the below click more buttonRead more..

Wireless Setup

To setup the printer over the wireless network for both Windows and Mac operating system,you need to key in the name of the network and password.It is not mandatory to link the printer over the wireless network using any cables. Make use of the Wireless Setup Wizard or Auto Wireless Connect to link the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer over the wireless network. While connecting,make sure that the printer and system are placed within the range of the router to attain strong signal strength.Read more..

123.hp.com/setup 3720 Printer Function



Utilize the quiet mode in HP Deskjet 3720 printer to print without any disruptions an additional feature in the printer for the printing process.



The scanning process is supported in Deskjet 3720 printer even after the Windows operating system is upgraded to Windows 10 with all the latest features.



Using the Asynchronous Digital Subscriber line,you can send the documents or photos to the system straight as a digital data.Press the fax icon on the printer’s control panel.

123 HP Deskjet 3720 Ink Cartridge Guidelines

HP DJ3720 Ink cartridge is mandatory to print from the printer. You can use black or color ink cartridges for printing purpose. To avoid ink cartridge issues,make use of the authentic ink cartridges for the printer and that is compatible with the printer model. Utilize XL ink cartridges which yields double the printouts than the normal printouts. While purchasing the ink cartridge,examine whether the QR code is located in the ink cartridge which is designed mainly for fraud protection. Frequently,examine the ink levels in the ink cartridge from the printer’s control panel.

How to Install HP Deskjet 3720 Ink Cartridge?

  •    Switch on the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer by pressing the power button .Unlock the ink cartridge access door and then wait for the printer to be inactive.
  •    Refrain from proceeding until the carriage move to the center of the carriage.Take away the ink cartridge from the packaging.
  •    Eliminate the protective tape from the ink cartridge.While inserting the ink cartridges ,make sure that you do not touch the ink nozzles.
  •    Grasp the ink cartridges so that the electrical contacts which are on the bottom and facing the printer for installation.
  •    Install the ink cartridges into their respective slots and examine whether they are placed properly in the carriage to avoid the issues.
  •    To know about ink cartridge troubleshooting steps, call our Toll-free number.

HP Deskjet 3720 Ink

123.hp.com/dj3720 – Mobile Printing

Airprint Setup

Airprint app is compatible with Mac operating system,iPhone,iPad users.Using the AirPrint app you will be able to print the documents,photos ore webpages from the printer. No additional drivers and software are required to print using the app.C onnect the mobile device to the printer through the wireless network. Once you are done with the step. Try to print from the Apple mobile phones.

ePrint Setup

Utilize the ePrint app,to print from the mobile phones. You will be able to print documents,photos or webpages with the help of the app from a location with an Internet connection to the network-enabled printer. Connect the HP Deskjet 3720 Printer and mobile device to the same wireless network for easy printing.Switch on the wireless signal for connection process. Navigate to the Play store to download the app.

Morphia Print Setup

Mopria Print Service Plugin,an app available in the Play Sore which helps you to print a document or photo from the Android device or smart phones.Ascertain that the printer is linked to the wireless network with an internet access. Place the printer and mobile phone near to the router to attain strong signal strength. Once the printer is ready to print,turn off all the other plugins and print from the printer.

Wifi Direct Setup

Wi-Fi Direct helps you to connect to the printer without any network or internet access. The Wi-Fi works at a longer speed and at great distances too. Install any of the plugins in your mobile device and turn on the Wi-Fi on your mobile phone. Once you have installed the app,access the photo or document you wish to print from the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer. Now,select the Print icon to print the items from the printer.

HP Deskjet 3720 Troubleshooting

Do you have any issues with the printer? The printer issues mainly occur due to the unauthentic ink cartridges,the inappropriate paper type used or if the connection between the printer and system is not firm. These can be the main reason for all the HP Deskjet 3720 Printer issues. Want to know how to solve the issue?Click on the Read more option to get solutions for the issue.

Color or Black Ink Not Printing

When you are printing a document or photo,the print does not print the color or black ink cartridges. In case be due to the low ink level of empty ink in the ink cartridge. Examine the ink level frequently from the printer’s control panel or use HP Smart App to verify the ink level. If you notice low ink ,substitute with the new cartridge.

Printer Offline

When the connection between the printer and network is not proper,the printer displays printer offline message on the control panel of the printer. When you are making use of outdated printer driver,the 123.hp.com/dj3720 printer experience the issue.These are some of the possibilities of the issue.The solutions for the issue is provided.

Fixing Copy Quality Issues

When you notice any streaks or horizontal or vertical lines in the printed document,you need to verify the print quality of the copy document.Make the process more simple,you need to utilize the instant solutions for the quality issue with is provided in our website.To know how to solve the issue,go through our website.

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