HP Deskjet GT 5820 Troubleshooting

Why is HP DeskJet GT 5820 Offline

  • The Offline error occurs due to a weak signal from the network when the printer is connected to a USB hub, and an outdated printer driver.
  • Get the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to resolve the HP DeskJet GT 5820 troubleshooting error. Make the printer as the default device for printing. Reset the print environment and check if the error is fixed. Install the latest version of the printer’s firmware from the manufacturer.
  • Turn on your Mac computer and click the Apple icon. Type Print in the address box and press the Enter button. Select the Print & Fax, Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners option. Locate the printer names or model numbers that match with your printer.
  • Right-click all the extra source files and printer queues. Select the Minus option from the drop-down menu. Find the printer that is idle with a green-colored dot next to it. Right-click the printer and go to the Properties menu. Click the Make Default Printer option and then Apply.

HP DeskJet GT 5820 troubleshooting

Why won’t HP DeskJet GT 5820 print properly

  • When the HP DeskJet GT 5820 printer shows ink cartridge error, then the quality of the printed document or photo fades out with streaks and lines.
  • Disconnect the printer from the computer and the network/USB connection .Go to the Programs and Features menu on your Windows system.
  • Right-click the installed HP printer from the list displayed on-screen.
  • Select the Uninstall or Yes option from the drop-down menu. Click Yes, if a User Account Control message displays.
  • Go with the on-screen directions to complete the driver removal process. Restart the computer after the uninstallation process completes.
  • Get the latest available version of the driver from our site. Start printing if the HP DeskJet GT 5820 troubleshooting issue is resolved, else proceed further.

Why is HP DeskJet GT 5820 not printing black ink

  • Depletion of the black ink cartridge and changes in the print settings lead to not printing black ink error.
  • First, clean the ink nozzle of the tricolor ink cartridge with a cloth. Take the color ink cartridge out of its slot by pushing it downwards.
  • Check the ink level and ensure that the level is above the standard marking. If the level is low, replace the old cartridge with a new genuine one.
  • Make sure to remove the protective tape from the cartridge before inserting into the slot.

How to clear carriage jam on HP DeskJet GT 5820

Check if the printer is also stuck with paper jam error. If so, clear the jammed papers. Ensure that the carriage moves freely from left to right.

DeskJet GT 5820 not Printing cyan

Replace the tricolor ink cartridge if the printer does not print in cyan. Check whether the 123.hp.com/dj5820 printer is set to print on singe-cartridge mode.

what will I do My Printer Deskjet GT 5820 always having paper mismatch error

  • If the printer always shows paper mismatch error, ensure that you are using the correct paper types for your printer.
  • Refer to the printer manual to learn about the supported paper types.
  • Make sure to load papers with the print side facing down.
  • The non-print side has an HP logo on it and the print side is smooth. Do not use curled or wrinkled papers into the tray.
  • Use only clean and wrinkle-free plain or photo papers. Make sure to use papers that are manufactured under ColorLok technology.
  • Use HP Advanced Photo Paper for printing high-contrast graphics. Store the photo papers in its original packing inside a reliable plastic bag.
  • Ensure that the papers are stored in a cool and dry place.

Unaccepted Solution HP Deskjet GT 5820 not connecting to network

  • Remove the USB cable from the printer’s USB slot if it is connected.
  • Do not reconnect it until the printer prompts to do so. Click the Start icon on your Windows computer.
  • Type Devices in the search box and click the Search icon. Single-click the Devices and Printers control panel settings.
  • Right-click the icon with your printer model or name. Select the Remove Device option from the drop-down tab.
  • Make sure to remove all the installed drivers. Exit the Device and Printers window and then download the HP DeskJet GT 5820 printer driver using the Download link on our site.
  • Open the downloaded file in HP Easy Start to start the setup process. During installation, the system prompts to choose the connection type.
  • Select the Wireless Setup method and check for connectivity problems.