[SOLVED] HP Envy 120 Troubleshooting

Is your printer not functioning properly? It is need of troubleshooting , we provide certain HP Envy 120 Troubleshooting issues that you face frequently with your printer which is Poor Print Quality and Paper Jam issue. We provide you certain easy steps to overcome the issue.Avail the guides given below to rectify the print quality issue and paper jam issue.Once you have solved the issue , get ready your printer to print the documents or photos.

HP Envy 120 Print Quality issue

Step 1 : Examine the paper

  •    Utilize standard HP 120 ink cartridges for the printer and examine the ink cartridge you use is suitable for the printer. Refer HP SureSupply for nearby retailers.
  •    Ensure that the paper you are utilizing is correct for the print job and while inserting the paper into the input tray,place the print side down.
  •    Never utilize wrinkled or curled paper . In case the flaw still exists , proceed to the next solution for the HP Envy 120 Troubleshooting issue.

Step 2 : Scrutinize the print settings

  •    Look for the print settings in Windows and Mac as the settings may vary for the Windows and Mac operating system.
  •    In Windows operating system , examine the Paper/Quality , paper size and the Print Features altered matches with the paper inserted in the printer.
  •    In Mac Operating system , choose the paper type that matches with the printer , increase the print quality of the print job and then print the print job.

Step 3 : Examine ink levels

  •    On the home screen of the printer’s control panel,tap the Ink Status icon to examine the estimated ink levels
  •    In case the ink level graphic shows low or empty cartridges and the printout quality is not satisfied , substitute with a new ink cartridge.
  •    In case the ink level graphic shows ink level is full , you are not required to replace the ink cartridge.

Step 4 : Evaluate the Print Quality Diagnostic Report

  •    To print a Print Quality Diagnostic Result , on the printer’s control panel tap on the Settings icon and then select Tools .
  •    On the Tools window,try to Print the Print Quality Report.Examine the printer and cartridges are operating properly
  •    Wipe the cartridge using an automated tool.On the printer’s control panel,touch Settings->Tools->Clean Cartridges to clean the cartridge.

Step 5 : Align the printer

  •    Feed the paper into the input tray.On the control panel of the printer,touch Settings->tools->Align Printer to print an alignment page.
  •    In case you view a smears or track marks on your print out , wipe the area around the ink nozzles
  •    Replace the defective cartridge with a new cartridge.In case the HP Envy 120 Troubleshooting issue still exists , service the printer.

123 HP Envy 120 Paper Jam Error

Step 1 : Configure the printer

  •    Turn off the 123.hp.com/envy120 printer , wait for a second to turn it on again.To examine the printer hardware functionality , print a Printer Status Report.
  •    Eliminate the loose paper from the paper tray , duplexer area and from the cartridge access area.After eliminating , print a Printer Status Report.
  •    Eliminate the jammed paper from the input and output tray sections.Once you have eliminated the paper , try to print a Printer Status Report.

HP Envy 120 Troubleshooting

Step 2: Ensure that the carriage slides freely

  •    Turn on the printer,detach the power cable from the printer’s rear and from the power socket.
  •    Eliminate the hindrances that do not permit to move the carriage freely across the width of the printer and then turn on the printer.
  •    After discarding the obstructions, make an attempt to print a Printer Status Report to scrutinize the printer’s hardware functionality.

Step 3 : Wipe the rollers

  •    Turn off the HP Envy 120 printer and then unplug the power cable from the printer’s rear and from the electrical socket.
  •    Organize a dampen and lint-free cloth to cleanse the rollers which should be located interior of the printer.
  •    After cleaning the rollers , ensure that you print a Printer Status Report to scrutinize the functionality of the printer’s hardware.

Step 4:How to Print a Printer Status Report

  •    Insert a plain paper or A4 size paper in the paper tray , in case the paper is not inserted.
  •    Tap on the Settings icon on the control panel of the printer.Navigate to the Tools and then tap Printer Status Report.
  •    After tapping , the printer prints a report. Once the printer is printed , end troubleshooting else proceed with the HP Envy 120 Troubleshooting.

Step 5:Recustomize the printer

  •    Press the power button to turn on the Envy 120 printer.Unplug the power cable from the printer’s hindmost and from the electrical socket.
  •    Wait for a second and then turn on the printer by plugging in the power cable to the printer’s hindmost and to the electrical socket.
  •    Turn on the printer and then print a Printer Status Report to ensure that the printer’s hardware functions properly.