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123 HP ENVY 120 Printer Functions

How to Install – HP ENVY 120 Printer

For setting up the 123.hp.com/envy120 printer hardware , you need to remove the packing materials in and around the printer.The contents that came along with the printer packaging are USB cable , duplexer , ink cartridges , software installation CD and warranty card . Utilize the USB cable to connect the printer and computer for wired network setup . Install the driver and software for the printer using a software installation CD. With the duplexer tray,you can print on both sides of the paper.Make use of standard ink cartridges for the printer.Keep your warranty card safe so that any replacement for defective hardware parts can be done.

  • Step 1:    Eliminate the packing materials from the front , sides and rear of the printer and then view the list of shipped items in the box.
  • Step 2:    Access the scanner lid , cartridge access door to eliminate the packing materials and then seal the scanner lid
  • Step 3:    Plug in one end of the power cable to the HP 120 printer’s rear and then attach the other end of the power cable to the power socket.
  • Step 4:    Switch on the printer by pressing the power button,wait for a second until the printer is inactive and then proceed to the next step.
  • Step 5:    Choose your language and region on the printer’s control panel and then tap on the Yes icon to ratify the choice.
  • Step 6:    Choose your language and region on the printer’s control panel and then tap on the Yes icon to ratify the choice.
  • Step 7:    Access the scanner lid and cartridge access door.Examine whether the carriage slides freely in the access area and pause for the carriage to be inactive.Elevate the cartridge latch,eliminate the new cartridge from the package and then insert the cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Step 8:    After inserting the cartridges,shut the cartridge latch to secure the cartridge and then seal the cartridge access door and scanner lid. Place the paper into the input tray and then slide the paper width guides against the edges of the paper Once the ink cartridge alignment is completed, the printer hardware is 123.hp.com/setup 120.

If You Have any Queries About Installation

123.hp.com/setup 120

123 HP Setup 120 Wireless Printer

   Window setup

Wireless setup for a printer is very easy setup for Windows computer.While connecting the printer to a Windows computer , you need to index in the network name and password.Place the printer close to the router for strong signals during the setup process.Include the 123 HP ENVY 120 printer to the available list of devices for the printing process.We provide you certain simple setup the printer over a wireless network for Windows system. Click on Read more to complete the wireless setup.

   Mac setup

Utilize the wireless printer to connect the Mac devices without the need of wires.With the wireless 123.hp.com/envy120 printer , send the documents at once and the printer will keep them assembled in the print queue and then print the documents that are lined in the queue.In case the wireless printer is being shared by several people , place the printer in the centralized location can easily accessible and reduce noise in work spaces.Key in the network name and password for the secure connection.

HP ENVY 120 Driver amd Manual Download

To install the HP ENVY 120 printer driver for the printer , initially , you need to download the driver and software for the printer from our website.While downloading , make sure that you examine the operating system compatibility for the driver . Visit our website to download the printer model and for further queries about the driver , call our toll-free number to install the driver to the system.read more…

Driver downloadManual download

123 HP ENVY 120 Printer settings

Print Photo

Choose Portrait for vertical printing and Landscape for horizontal printing. To perform this action, go to the Orientation menu on the Layout, Finishing or Features option.

Paper tray and source

Choose the tray in which you want to place the paper, in case your printer has more than one tray. Navigate to the source or paper source option on the paper /Quality or Features option.

Print Quality

Set the paper type you are using, such as brochure, plain or other specialty types, so that your printer properly prints a document on the paper. Choose Paper type under Paper or Quality.

Paper size

Choose the paper size that you want to load in the 123 HP ENVY 120 printer, such as a letter or legal. Move to Size or Paper size menu in Advanced options or on the Features option for more.

Paper type

Based on your 123.hp.com/envy120 printer model, automatically print on both sides of the paper, or configure the print job to flip the pages manually. Under Layout/Finishing/Features (both sides), choose Print.

Print Speed

Higher DPI offers clearer and more detailed prints, but slows print speed and may use more ink. Go to Quality or Print Quality or slider in the paper Type/ Quality or Media and Quality settings.

123.hp.com/envy120 – Troubleshooting

Print Quality issues

While printing a document , you view smears on the text or the ink is not evenly printed on the paper,then your printer encounters the quality issue.Examine whether the ink cartridge shows low ink level in the printer’s control panel.Also , check the ink cartridges are dry and also while inserting papers into the input tray , make sure that you never feed curled or wrinkled paper into the tray.You can also use an automated tool to cleanse the ink cartridge for quality printing.

Paper Jam

If you are facing a paper jam issue with your printer, we provide you tips to avoid this issue. Before that ,ensure the paper jam issue is a real or fake one.The attention light on the printer’s control panel starts blinking in case the issue occurs. Make use of standard papers to print. Paper jam occurs in the interior of the paper. Use a torch to check the jam inside the 123 HP ENVY 120 printer.read more…

Printer troubleshooting

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