HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup

  • Turn on the printer and access the Wireless Settings menu.
  • Select the HP Envy 4500 wireless setup Wizard option to activate the Wi-Fi.
  • A list of networks available within the printer’s Wi-Fi range appears.
  • Activate the router that is connected to an Internet Service Provider.
  • Confirm that the internet connection on the ISP is active.
  • Test internet connection speed and signal strength.
  • Deactivate all the other wireless networks within the printer’s range.
  • If the auto-connect mode is active, the printer connects automatically.
  • The printer displays a pop-up stating that the connection is successful.
  • The HP Envy 4500 wireless setup light on the printer turns from orange to blue color.

HP Envy 4500 wireless setup

You can also opt for the Bluetooth connection using the Bluetooth feature on the printer. Keep the printer and the smartphone as close as possible.

  • Go to the 123.hp.com/envy4500 printer’s Setup menu and then navigate to the Bluetooth option. Slide the toggle switch on top of the screen to activate it. Likewise, enable the Bluetooth feature on the smartphone.
  • Touch the Scan Nearby Devices option and tap the one with the name similar to the printer model.
  • Make sure to activate the Make Device Visible option under the Bluetooth Settings.
  • If the device to commence the Pairing process, type the pairing code on the printer’s access panel and tap the OK icon. Make sure you type the pairing code in exact format.

HP Envy 4500 Wi-Fi Setup

Check Wi-Fi Direct settings and take note of the same. After that, generate a new password and alter the printer name for easy identification using the Embedded Web Server (EWS) or the HP Wireless Direct software. You do not require a router when you connect using the Wi-Fi Direct.

How do I connect my HP Printer to Wi-Fi

  • Tap the Wi-Fi Direct icon on the printer’s control panel to open the status screen. Touch the Settings icon to alter the connection type to either protected or unprotected (Manual or Automatic).
  • You can also print a report containing information about Wi-Fi Direct. Press the Information button on the access panel to print the report. Write down the Wi-Fi Direct password and other settings.
  • Link the HP Envy 4500 printer to the computer or mobile device. Print the network information page (along with the IP address) from the printer. Open a web browser & type the SSID in the address box.
  • Wait for a while and the Embedded Web Server page pops up. Click Continue on the website security certificate page that appears next.
  • Open the Networks menu and select the Wi-Fi Direct icon.
  • Select the Status option and wait until you see a message stating You are being redirected to a secure HTTPS-enabled page! Please hold on a few seconds. Click OK to redirect to an HTTPS page.
  • If an error message stating Your connection is not private displays, expand the Advanced menu and select the Proceed to [Printer IP address] option. Select the Edit Settings menu on the next page.
  • Refer to the manual to make necessary changes and click Apply. Restart the HP Envy 4500 printer and initiate the Wi-Fi direct connection again. Enter the Wi-Fi Direct password and initiate a print or copy job.

Connect HP 4500 Printer to Computer

  • Keep the printer and the computer close to each other.
  • Take a USB cable of length not more than 9 feet 10 inches.
  • Plug the square-end of the cable into the printer’s USB slot.
  • Insert the rectangle-end into a USB slot on the laptop.
  • Confirm that you have installed the latest version of the printer drivers.
  • Check for a notification stating the HP Envy 4500 wireless setup connection is successful.