HP Envy 4502 Scan to Computer

Utilize any of the apps that is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system. While installing the app,ensure that the app supports operating system and the printer model. Place the document or photo on the HP Envy 4502 Scan to Computer and scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder in accordance with the printer model. Alter the scan settings based on your requirements,if necessary. Prior to scanning a document ,ensure that you have installed the driver for the printer to enable the scan functionality.


123 HP Envy4502 Scan to Computer from the PC – Windows

Are you in need of scanning an important file? Here is a simple method to HP Envy 4502 Scan to Computer form document. Install the HP Solution center which is compatible with Windows operating system. Using the tool ,you will be able to alter the scan settings for the item and then store your scanned document in PDF format.

Step 1: Place the document on the scanner glass

  •    Position the item on the scanner glass or in the Automatic document feeder , in accordance with the printer type and its functionality.
  •    Ensure that you do not place the photos in the Automatic Document Feeder to prevent damage to the photos and the printer.
  •    Do not place documents in the Automatic Document feeder to avoid the damage of photos and the 123.hp.com/envy4502 printer.

Step 2: HP Solution center

  •    Under Windows , look for Solution Center , in case it is exhibited , select the printer’s name from the list of available devices.
  •    If the Solution center window does not screen , visit the website and press Software and Driver Downloads and then select the Download option.
  •    In case the full feature driver does not exhibit , the printer does not support HP Solution Center software,select another scanning option.

Step 3: HP Solution Center scan shortcuts

  •    Choose the Scan Document or Scan Picture icon to display the available scan shortcuts and settings.
  •    Select any one of the shortcuts that are similar to the file type and perform the resulting action.
  •    Change any of the shortcuts default settings ,if necessary. Shortcuts settings may differ in accordance with the scanning item.

Step 4: Modify the Scan settings

  •    Select the Advanced Picture Settings or Advanced Document Settings icon to alter the existing settings.
  •    To store the scanned documents,choose a file name and press on the Save option and then copy the scanned documents to the file name preferred.
  •    Choose Scan and then select the Finish option. To display the scanned document ,double-click to access the folder in which the scanned file is stored

HP Envy 4502 Printers – How to Scan from the Computer (MAC)

You are operating on a Mac operating system and need to scan a document or photo from the printer connected to the Mac. Download and Install the HP Easy scan app on your Mac system to HP Envy 4502 scan to computer form a document. Utilize the HP Easy Scan app,you just need to click on the scan icon for scanning and alter the scan settings ,if necessary.

Step 1: HP Easy Scan app

  •    Get directed to the App store to download and install the HP Easy Scan app.Look for the scan option once you access the app.
  •    In the list of results,choose HP Easy Scan app.Keep the item with the printed side down on the scanner glass,then seal the scanner lid.

Step 2: Position the documents

  •    With the help of ADF,you will be able to scan multiple documents .Ascertain that you never insert photos into the ADF to prevent damage.
  •    Select the printer’s name from the Scanner pop-up menu from the Easy HP Envy 4502 Scan to Computer.

Step 3: HP Easy Scan presets menu

  •    From the Presets menu,select the scan type option.Alter the basic settings you have selected,select the Edit Settings option.
  •    Choose the Scan option and then select Scan Next item to include additional pages or select Done.

Step 4: HP Easy Scan – Editing tools

  •    Select the Edit option to alter the HP Envy 4502 scan settings. Store your scanned documents on the Mac system by choosing the Send option.
  •    Select the Where menu to look for you intend to store the file to and choose Save. double- click on the file name to view the scans