HP Envy 4502 Wireless Printer

Wondering how to setup the printer over a wireless network? Here, we provide you separate steps for configuring the HP Envy 4502 Wireless Printer over the network for Windows and Mac operating system. Make use of one of the simplest methods Wireless Setup Wizard for associating the printer over a wireless network.


123 HP Envy4502 Wireless Setup For Windows

Steps 1: Organised the printer for wireless connection

  •   You need to meet the basic requirements to make your 123.hp.com/envy4502 printer to be linked over a wireless network.
  •   It is essential to type the name of the network , password and an Internet connection.
  •   You are not permitted to utilize the USB or Ethernet cables,while trying to link the printer over a wireless network.

Step 2: Begin a network connection

  •   Configure the printer over a wireless network using the Wireless Setup Wizard method.
  •   Switch on the printer, by tapping on the power button and verify whether the wireless button is in on state.
  •   Employ the guidelines on the screen to complete HP Envy 4502 Wireless Printer connection.

Step 3: Download and install the updated version of the printer software

  •   With the help of the latest version of the printer driver and software , you will be able to make use of all the features of the printer.
  •   Download and Install the printer driver and software from our website or utilize the software installation CD which came with the packaging.
  •   Follow the steps to accomplish the driver installation.

123 HP Envy4502 Wireless Setup For MAC

Step 1: Assemble the items for installation

  •   Note down the network name and password; an active Internet connection is required.
  •   To maintain a strong network signals , you should place the router and printer nearer to each other.
  •   Never place any metal objects close to the printer,router or system to attain maximum signal strength.

Step 2: Establish network connection

  •    Utilizing HP Envy 4502 Wireless Setup Wizard method is one of the easiest way to connect the printer and computer over a wireless network.
  •   You are required to switch on the printer while establishing the wireless printer connection.
  •   Once the Wireless icon is press ,verify the Wireless Summary and then trail the prompts.

Step3: Download and run the printer driver

  •   For performing the printer’s functionality , you need to install the printer driver and software.
  •   Utilize the correct driver from our website by keying in the printer’s name and operating system in their respective tabs.
  •   Trail the instructions mentioned on the screen to do the remaining process and then call us for further queries in installation.