HP Envy 4527 Printer Functions

HP Envy 4527 How to print

  • The printer needs to remain turned on through the process.
  • Check if enough paper is loaded in the input tray.
  • Select Print from your software and the Properties dialog box opens.
  • Choose the printer software and open the file to be printed.
  • Select the Layout tab and choose either Landscape or Portrait.
  • Now select OK or Print to commence printing.
  • Look for the printed document in the output tray.

HP Envy 4527 Printer Functions

How to print Photos on HP Envy 4527

  • Load photo paper into the input tray of the 123.hp.com/envy4527.
  • Check if your printer is selected after opening the HP Printer software.
  • Now open the Properties dialog box and select OK.
  • Make changes to the photo using the required options.

HP Envy 4527 How to scan

  • Enable the Scan to computer feature on your computer.
  • Select the HP software from the list of installed applications.
  • Go to the Scan section and choose Manage Scan to Computer.
  • Select Enable. Load the original on the platen after lifting the scanner lid.
  • Check if the printed side of the original faces the platen.
  • Select Scan on your printer and choose the computer that you want to send the scan. The HP Envy 4527 scanning process is now complete.

How to scan multiple pages on HP Envy 4527

  • Perform the same process given above.
  • Just select 2 sided in the Scanner options menu.

HP Envy 4527 Copy

  • Place the Original on the scanner platen and close the lid.
  • Ascertain that the paper is kept inside the input tray and open the output tray.
  • Select Settings on the display panel of the printer.
  • Now specify the paper size, paper type and other credentials.
  • Tap Start Black or Start color to get an ordinary or color copy of the document.
  • Look for the copied document in the output tray.

HP Envy 4527 fax

  • Establish a phone connection with your printer.
  • Take the telephone cord that is present inside the printer package.
  • If the cord is not present in the printer package, purchase a one with two wire leads and not four.
  • Link the cord between the printer and the telephone outlet.
  • Now make changes to the fax settings such as the fax header, answer mode, and rings to answer.
  • Confirm whether the fax connection is successful by running a Fax Test.
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