123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting

If your printer’s function doesn’t work properly, you need to troubleshoot your printer to retain to its normal status. No need to surf for some other websites for the troubleshooting procedures. We provide 123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting tips for Printer offline, Paper jam, Ink cartridge error and more. Make use of the tips and prep your printer to print your desired document or photo swiftly.

HP Envy 5530 Printer Offline

Step 1: Scrutinize the connection between your printer and the system

  •    Printer Offline message displays when the device cannot communicate with the printer. Check whether your 123.hp.com/envy5530 printer connection is proper.
  •    Unplug the power cord from the printer and the wall outlet and halt for at least 60 seconds. Re-link the power cord to the printer and wall outlet.
  •    Power on the printer. Click Print and Fax, Print and Scan or Printers and Scanners from the list of results. Find your printer name from the list.

Step 2: Eliminate multiple printers from the printer list

  •    In case there are multiple print queues for the same printer, delete all extra printers by choosing them one at a time, and then tap on minus button.
  •    Tap on the Add button. Choose your printer name from the list, and then choose Add to add your printer. Select Print Using–> Printer name.
  •    The new printer queue displays in the Printers list in an Idle status. Attempt to print a document. If the 123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting issue exists, move to the next step.

Step 3: Printing system – Reset

  •    In the printers list, right-click the blank space, choose Reset printing system. Key in the admin user name and password and choose Ok.
  •    Stop until the printing system is reset and no devices show in the Printers list. Choose your printer to the list as done before.
  •    Attempt to print a document. If the error exists, contact our technical support team on our toll-free number.

HP 5530 Ink Cartridge Error

Color or Black Ink Not Printing

Step 1: Take away the black ink cartridge

  •    Power on the HP Envy 5530 printer, position the slots on the right and left sides of the printer fromwhere you have to remove the ink cartridge. Open the ink cartridge access door and then proceed.
  •    The carriage moves to the cartridge access area. To free the already existing ink cartridge from the slot, open the lid on the cartridge slot, and then push the lid back until it stops.
  •    Remove the black cartridge from the slot and place the black cartridge, with the nozzle facing upward. handle it carefully to avoid ink smudges.Close the cartridge access door.

Step 2: Employ an automated tool to clean the printhead

  •    From the printer’s control panel, select the settings icon. Click Tools, and then choose Clean printhead. The printer cleans the printhead.
  •    Print a test page. Verify the print quality of the test page. If the print quality is good, click Done. Or else, move to the next step.
  •    In case cleaning the printhead did not rectify the problem, then follow the steps below to identify and resolve the 123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting cartridge.

Step 3: Find and replace the issue cartridge

  •    Evaluate the test page. Verify the text and color blocks on the test page. If you detect an error with the black test, then the black cartridge is the issue.
  •    In case you find any issue with the colored text on the page, the tri-color cartridge is the problem. Remove the damaged cartridge from its slot.
  •    Position the new ink cartridge into the respective slot and then close the lid of the cartridge slot. Close the cartridge access door.

123.hp.com/envy5530 – Paper Jam Error

Step 1: Remove the jammed paper from your printer

  •    Unplug the power cord from the printer. Open the cartridge access door. Take off the jammed paper from the cartridge access area.
  •    Place the paper path cover in the area behind the cartridge access area. Remove the stuck paper and bits of torn paper from the rear roller.
  •    Place the duplexer path cover, directly under the paper path cover. Remove the jammed paper from the duplexer. Close the cartridge door.

123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting

Step 2: Position your printer on a flat surface

  •    A flat surface prevents the input tray from bending when it is pushed in. Turn the 123.hp.com/envy5530 printer onto its right side. Verify the printer surface directly.
  •    Eliminate any obstacles that might remain around the printer surface. Position the printer to its normal position. So that you can prevent the HP Envy 5530 Printer issue.
  •    Connect the power cord tot he rear of the printer. Switch on the printer. Click Ok to cleat any message on the printer’s control panel.

Step 3: Remove any jammed paper from the input tray

  •    Drag the input tray. Take away any loose sheets of paper from the tray. Remove the jammed paper and bits of paper from the tray.
  •    Remove the paper from the tray, and then tap on the power button to power off the printer. Wait for 30 seconds and power on the printer.
  •    Print a Printer Status report to ensure that the hardware functions correctly. If you still face an 123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting issue, contact our tech support team.

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