HP Envy 5545 Driver and Software Install

Installing the driver and software on your Mac or Windows computer is necessary to make your printer to work properly. You are provided with the different version of the HP Envy 5545 Driver and software on our website. You are supposed to check the compatibility of the computer you are using. The suitable driver and software for your HP Envy 5545 printer are available. You can use the installation CD either that comes with your printer. Each method of installing the printer driver and the software differs from other. Don’t worry! We provide appropriate instructions for what ever method you choose.

   123 HP Envy5545 – For windows

  •    You are recommended to install the built- in printer driver in order to avail the printer’s functionality at best quality.
  •    You can configure Windows update to automatically HP Envy 5545 Download the driver software..
  •    To carry out this, click on the change device installation settings option on the printer’s control panel, and then press Yes.
  •    Ascertain that you have clicked the save changes option.
  •    Once it is accomplished, you have to make an attempt to connect the printer to the personal computer by means of a USB cable. You can also connect it using a local network.
  •    You are provided with the required instructions to accomplish the connection.
  •    Subsequently, check out the instructions to install the HP Envy 5545 driver using the Add a printer wizard option.
  •    You can proceed to the below steps using the on- screen prompts.
  •    There you can avail the instructions for various versions of the operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
  •    You can also have an option to choose the mode of connection.
  •    After including the HP Envy 4454 Printer to the print queue, you can make an attempt to print or scan a document, based on your requirement.
  •    If you can print the required document successfully, your printer is all set.
  •    If not, you have to take appropriate measures to solve the issue.

   123 HP Envy5545 – For Mac

  •    Make use of Apple Software update to avail and install the best HP printer driver and software on your Mac computer.
  •    To install the printer driver on the Mac computer whose operating system is Mac OS X 10.6, you have to ascertain that the HP Envy 5545 printer is compatible with the Mac computer you are using.
  •    If it is compatible with the computer, make an attempt to connect your printer to the Mac computer or network.
  •    In order to install the appropriate driver on your computer using Apple Software Update, the HP Envy 5545 you are using should be associated with your Mac or to the wired or wireless network.
  •    Tap on the Apple menu, and then go with System Preferences, tap on Print and then on Fax.
  •    Scrutinize whether your printer name is cataloged in the printer’s list and proceed the prompts accordingly.
  •    Subsequently, click on the Print Using box followed by picking out the printer’s name from the pop- up menu.
  •    To include the 123.hp.com/envy5545 printer to the available list, click on the Add option.
  •    Press Download and install to accomplish the installation process, when you are instructed to install the printer software from Apple.
  •    Press Cancel when you get a Software is currently unavailable message on the printer display.