HP Envy 5545 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting techniques for the HP Envy 5545 printer are provided on our website. You need not search for the service person to carry out the basic HP Envy 5545 Troubleshooting steps for your printer. We provide manuals at the simplest and easiest form. The solutions for all your printer issues are available here. We are guidelines provider for both Windows and Mac users. We even provide more information for the users who called on our toll- free.

123 HP Envy5545 Printer Offline

Step 1: Scrutinizing the connection status

  •    It is necessary to ascertain that the printer connection is firmly done among the printer, router, and Windows/ Mac computer in the case of the wired connection.
  •    If you are using a wireless network, ascertain that the Wireless router you are using is working properly and all the devices which you have connected are maintaining a single connection.
  •     Among the various wireless platforms you can choose the one which is compatible with your 123.hp.com/envy5545 printer and the operating system version of your computer

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HP Envy 5545 Troubleshooting

Step 2: Boot up the HP Envy 5545 printer.

  •    Booting up the printer lets you reset all the customized options of your HP Envy 5545 printer.
  •    You are provided with the rebooting procedure, after which you have to leave the printer to be in idle state for few minutes.
  •    Once it is done, check whether the printer offline issue is brought to an end. If not, go with the below steps.

Step 4: Re- organize the print queue

  •    Removing and re- organizing the HP Envy 5545 printer to the printer queue lets you resolve the printer offline issue.
  •    To remove the printer’s name from the list, click on your printer name followed by the minus icon.
  •    A few seconds later, click on your printer name, and tap the plus sign.

Step 3: Discard other printer names except your 123 HP Envy 5545 printer.

  •    Check if many devices are shown in the printers list,you have to remove all expect the one you are using.
  •    Having more devices in the existing list leads to the malfunctioning of the HP Envy 5545 printer.Follow the on- screen prompts to discard other printer names from the list. You can also set the HP Envy 5545 printer as a default printer.

Step 5: Reboot the HP Envy 5545 printer

  •    When none of the above steps has resolved the issue, you have to reboot the printer. When you reboot the printer, all the settings done gets deleted.
  •    Leave for a while. Then do the necessary changes to the settings, and attempt to print again.
  •    Still the HP Envy 5545 Troubleshooting issue exists? No worries! Call on our toll- free for more guidance.