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  •   Extreme performance and sleek design
  •    Epson mobile solution
  •   Wireless and cloud printing
  •   High resolution scanning and printing
  •   Direct scanning to Facebook
  •   Remarkable images and crisp text
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123 HP Envy 5545 Printer Functions

How to Install HP Envy 5545 Printer

You are half- a- way to the Envy 5545 printer installation guidelines. Just go through this easy manual and learn how to setup your HP Envy 5545 printer. We offer all the top- to- bottom shortcuts so that you can setup the printer on your own. Primarily, you have to separate the printer from the shipment box, eliminate all the packing materials, fix the ink cartridge into the appropriate slots. Then assemble all the hardware parts which you got along with your printer. Once it is done, use the instructions provided below to install the software.

  • Step 1:    Remove all the packing materials which surround your newly shipped printer. Remove all the bubble wrapper in and around the printer.
  • Step 2:    Connect the power cord which you get in your shipment box. Link its one end to the printer’s rear side and another end to the electrical supply.Configure your 123.hp.com/envy5545 printer settings by directing to the printer’s control panel and click on the language option.
  • Step 3:    Do the same procedure to the time, and date. Tap on the continue option to save the changes done on your printer’s control panel.Place the unused papers into the main input tray. Be cautious While placing the paper, and avoid loading the paper of dissimilar types.
  • Step 4:    Place the paper on the tray in such a way that they rest against the paper’s edges. Tug the input tray firmly after loading the paper into it.
  • Step 5:    Install the cartridge which you get along with your 123 HP Envy 5545 Printer. The improper placing of ink cartridges into the slots causes malfunctioning of the printer.Use an authentic ink cartridge which is purchased from the dealers or manufacturers. Check the warranty for your purchased cartridges.
  • Step 6:    Install the appropriate driver and software to carry out the printer’s functionality. Go through the instructions in this manual.Avail the driver and software for your printer in our website. Install it using the prompts.

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HP Envy 5545 Setup

HP Envy 5545 Wireless Printer Setup

   Window setup

The wireless connection mode is preferred because of its easy 123.hp.com/setup 5545 instructions. You can avoid the use of bulky modem cables which mess up your place. Troubleshooting is also simple in the case of the Wireless mode of connection. Check the Windows operating system version on your computer, and then proceed with the instructions provided. You can connect the printer to your Wireless router using different platforms.

   Mac setup

Connecting your Mac computer is not a big deal, as we provide the simplest instructions. Know about the operating system version of your mac computer. While connecting the computer to the wireless network, your frequency band of the wireless router should be kept at 2.4 GHz. You are provided with the dos and dont’s while connecting your HP Envy 5545 printer to the wireless network.

123 HP Envy 5545 Driver and Manual Download

The manual on how to download your 123.hp.com/envy5545 Printer driver and software is available with us. You have to check whether the mentioned guidelines are for your computer’s operating system. If it varies check what is to be done for your computer’s OS version.Readmore…

Driver downloadManual download

123.hp.com/setup 5545 – Troubleshooting

Print Quality issues:

The print quality issues might be caused due to the low ink cartridge, improper placement of the paper into the input tray, usage of unauthentic ink and more. To overcome this issue, purchase ink cartridges from authentic dealers. Check the ink cartridge level seasonally. When placing the paper into the tray align it properly. Do not over load the papers into the tray to avoid the quality issues to some extent.

Paper Jam:

The loaded papers into the input tray of the 123.hp.com/envy5545 Printer get jammed when they are not aligned properly. Check whether they are tugged in a flat surface and remains unfolded. The presence of clips, staples in the paper used for printing cause the paper jam issue. When the papers which you bought are unused, keep it in a closed box to avoid paper damage.Readmore…

123 HP Setup 5545

HP Envy 5545 Printer Installation & Setup!
Steps to download HP Envy 5545 Printer Driver & Software.
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