HP Envy 5640 Wireless

Do you want to connect the Envy 5640 printer over the wireless network? To connect,you can use the Wireless Setup Wizard,the simplest method for wireless network connection.Initially,examine whether the printer supports HP Envy 5640 wireless setup. If the printer supports,make use of the instructions given below for connection process.

  123 HP Setup 5640 – Windows

Step 1:Organize the requirements

  •    To install the printer driver and software for a wireless network,you need to ensure that you note down the network name and password.
  •    Ascertain that the system is associated with the wireless network with an active Internet connection(DSL).
  •    Place the printer and system close to the range of the router at the time of installation process if your printer is wireless enabled.

Step 2: Link to the wireless network

  •    Ensure that the printer,system and router are powered up and link the printer and system to the single wireless network
  •    Detach the USB cable that is linked to the printer.Follow the on-screen prompts to convert the USB connection to wireless network connection.
  •    Make use of the built-in Wireless Setup Wizard and then type the network’s name and password to link the printer to wireless network.

Step 3: Steps to connect

  •    Power on the Envy 5640 printer. Tap Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel.On the Wireless Summary Screen,tap Settings->Wireless Settings->Wireless setup Wizard for connection process.
  •    It is suggested to download and install the upgraded full feature printer driver from our website.You can also use an alternative method of installing the software using the Software installation CD.
  •    Visit our website to key in the printer model number and the operating system version and trail the on-screen instructions to move to the downloads page and then download and install the 123.hp.com/setup 5640 printer driver.

  HP Envy 5640 Setup – MAC

Step 1:Assemble the requirements

  •    Ensure that you keep a note of the network name and password for connecting the printer over the wireless network.
  •    Link the system to a wireless network using an active Internet connection.Place the printer and system close the router during setup.
  •    Ascertain that the printer,system and router are turned on and the system and HP Envy 5640 printer is linked to the single wireless network.

Step 2: Use wireless Setup Wizard for connection

  •    Key in the network name and password for linking the printer over the Wireless network using Wireless Setup Wizard.
  •    Turn on the HP Envy 5640 printer,if it is not on state.Choose the Wireless icon on the control panel of the printer.
  •    On the Wireless Summary screen,Touch Settings->Wireless Settings->Wireless Setup Wizard for wireless network connection.

Step 3: Install the printer software.

  •    Power on the 123 HP Envy 5640 printer,if it is not already on.In case the printer is associated with the system via USB cable,detach the cable from the printer.Visit our website to download the software.
  •    Index in the printer model number and version of the operating system to download the appropriate full feature driver for the printer.Trail the instructions on the screen to move to the downloads page.
  •    Select Download adjacent to the full feature driver or select Basic drivers for other driver options to download the software. Trail the on-screen instructions to install the printer driver and software.