HP Envy 5665 Driver Installation

Install your 123.hp.com/envy5665 Printer driver and software using the software installation CD. The printer’s name is not detected after the installation , try to uninstall and then install the printer driver and software. While installing,make sure that you install the latest printer driver and software. With the latest printer driver and software,the printer will be enabled with certain additional features. The printer make you print with the excellent quality and vibrant colors by installing the latest HP Envy 5665 Driver. In case the CD has crashed,download the driver and software from our website. Utilize the driver installation steps mentioned below for Windows and Mac operating system.


   123 HP Envy5665 – For Mac

  •    Utilize the Apple Software Update to install the appropriate printer driver and software.
  •    Prior to downloading the driver and software,switch on the HP Envy 5665 printer.
  •    Navigate to the Apple Menu and then select the System Preferences option
  •    In accordance with the version of the operating system,select the Print&Fax,Print& Scan or Printers & Scanners button.
  •    Examine whether the name of the printer is available in the list of available devices.
  •    In case the printer’s name is cataloged,exclude and include the printer to ensure the appropriate HP Envy 5665 Printer driver is utilized.
  •    In case the printer’s name is not cataloged,including the printer’s name to the available list and then proceed to the next step.
  •    Select the Use or Print Using menu,choose printer’s name and then select the Ass icon to include to the printer’s list.
  •    In case the installer prompts download and install the printer driver and software.
  •    End the System Preferences window and attempt to print,scan and fax based on the user’s requirements.

   123 HP Envy5665 – For Windows

  •    Get directed to our website to type the printer model and then choose Begin to download the printer driver and software.
  •    Follow the commands mentioned on the screen to initiate the setup process based on the printer model and operating system version
  •    Examine whether the setup process has completed,if not move to our website to key in the printer’s name and operating system version.
  •    Choose the download option adjacent to the full feature driver under Driver Product Installation Software
  •    Go ahead with the commands mentioned on the screen to install the software installation process.
  •    Select the Download only option to store and access the driver file from the system.
  •    Once you access the driver file with the extension.exe type for the setup process.
  •    Choose the mode of connection as wired or wireless,if the installation process is successful.
  •    After choosing the mode of connection,continue and complete the 123.hp.com/setup 5665 process.
  •    In accordance with the user’s requirements,try to print,scan and copy the document or photo.