HP Envy 5665 Printer Issues

Thinking how to solve the main issues with the printer? Here in certain steps to overcome the HP Envy 5665 Printer Issues. Examine whether the problem is printing related or scanning related.Any flaws we have solutions for your printer issues. Go through the occurring issues and their solutions on the manual given below.These issues are not long-lasting but can be solved within seconds with our instructions.You can also call our toll-free to solve the problem.

HP Envy 5665 Ink Cartridge Issues

Step 1 : Eliminate and reinsert the ink cartridge

  •    Verify whether the ink cartridges are inserted properly into its corresponding slots,if not error might occur.
  •    Switch off the HP Envy 5665 Printer and continue with the proceedings to eliminate and re-insert the ink cartridge.
  •    After inserting the cartridge,seal the HP 5665 ink cartridge access door and make sure that they are firmly inserted into its slots.

Step 2 : Wipe the Ink cartridges

  •    Look for the dust or dirt in the HP Envy 5665 ink cartridge contacts,if so wipe the dirt or dust.
  •    Using a dampen and clean cloth,wipe the dirt and dust in the electrical contacts of the printer.
  •    Insert the ink cartridge into their respective slots with the help of prompts mentioned on the screen

Step 3: Boot up the Printer

  •    Boot up the 123.hp.com/envy5665 printer to maintain the normal printer functionality.
  •    Restart the HP Envy 5665,switch off ,halt for a minute and power it on again.
  •    Attempt the printer to print a test page.In case the HP Envy 5665 Printer Issues is resolved,end the troubleshooting steps.

HP Envy 5665 Paper Jam Error

Step 1: Reboot the printer

  •    Press the power button to switch off the HP Envy 5665 printer,half for a minute and then power on it.
  •    Booting up the printer aid you to clear the paper jam issue and then try to print the Status report
  •    Printing the Printer Status Report assists you examine whether the paper jam issue has been solved.

Step 2: Examine the rear of the printer for paper jam issue.

  •    Eradicate the loose sheets located in the interior of the input tray and output tray
  •    With the printer switched on,discard the loose sheets of the paper from the printer’s rear
  •    Unlock the rear access door to verify the torn pieces of paper .If any,eliminate it and then seal the rear access door.

Step 3: Wipe the rollers and eliminate the jammed paper from the ADF

  •    With the help of dampened and clean cloth,wipe the rollers inside the printer.
  •    Raise the ADF cover ,eliminate the jammed paper from the Automatic Document Feeder and then seal the ADF cover.
  •    Make an attempt to print the Printer Status Report to examine the printer’s functionality.

123.hp.com/setup 5665 Network Connection Issue

Step 1:Reboot the printer and examine the driver

  •    Switch off the 123 HP Envy 5665 printer ,wait a second and then turn on the printer.
  •    Examine the driver settings of the printer and the printer’s name is cataloged in the available list of results.
  •    Once the settings are done,attempt to scan a document or photo from the HP Envy 5665 printer.

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HP Envy 5665 Printer Issues

Step 2:Install HP Print and Scan Doctor

  •    Examine the wired or wireless network and also the status of the connection is enabled or disabled.
  •    Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor to identify and solve the printing related issues.
  •    Uninstall the Printer driver and then reinstall the latest version of it.

Step 3:Examine the Windows Image Acquisition Settings

  •    Examine the start up type status in Windows Image Acquisition.In case the status is started,WIA operated properly or else there is an issue.
  •    Try to transiently disable the firewall software in the system.You can utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor to disable the firewall settings.
  •    In case the HP Envy 5665 Printer Issues is solved,try to print or scan using the printer’s functionalities.