HP Envy 5665 Wireless Printer setup

Are you in hurry to connect the printer over a HP Envy 5665 Wireless network? Initially,organize the prerequisites for connecting the printer over a wireless network. Make a note of the network name and password for secure connection of the printer. It is mandatory to install the printer driver for the setup process.


  123 HP Setup 5665 Windows

Step 1: Meet the requirements

  •    Prior to trying to configure the printer over a wireless network, note down the network name and password
  •    Enable an internet connection is mandatory to initiate the new printer connection.
  •    Acquire maximum signal strength,keep the system,printer and router near to each other.

Step 2: Activate the internet connection

  •    Utilize the guidelines mentioned on the screen to begin the new printer connection over the wireless network.It is suggested to press the HP Envy 5665 Wireless Setup Wizard option under the Settings option to acquire the connection.
  •    Go ahead with the instructions mentioned on the screen to complete the internet connection for the 123.hp.com/envy5665 printer.

Step 3: Download the appropriate driver

  •    Install the appropriate printer driver and software on the system to initiate the printer function.
  •    While installing the software, examine the version of the operating system and the printer model for the compatibility
  •    Download the driver from our website or using the software installation CD based on requirement

  123 HP Setup 5665 MAC

Step 1: Start the installation process

  •    Organize the required items prior to configuring the printer over the wireless network.
  •    Look for the network name and password on the router’s label or in the ISP documentation.
  •    You should power on the 123 HP Envy 5665 printer,computer and the router while setting up the network connection.

Step 2: Initiate the wireless connection

  •    Make an attempt to utilize the Wireless Setup Wizard option to link and acquire the printer’s connection.
  •    Primarily,examine the Wireless icon is switched on and the wireless light is solid .
  •    Under Settings menu,look for the Wireless Setup Wizard option on the control panel of the printer.

Step 3: Download and Install the driver

  •    Once you have configured the printer hardware,avail the corresponding printer driver and software for the printer.
  •    Navigate to our website to HP Envy 5665 Download the driver or make use of the installation CD to install the printer driver.
  •    Choose the downloaded file and take the aid of the guidelines to finish the installation process.

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