How to connect HP Envy 6252 Wifi Setup

Use the HP Wireless Direct software to connect the printer to a computer without using a network source.

  • Tap the Wireless icon on the access panel at the front of the printer.
  • Activating your router, ensure that it is linked to an internet source.
  • Wait for a while and the name or SSID of your HP Envy 6252 Wifi Setup and wireless network appears on the screen of the printer.
  • Touch it and if the printer prompts to type the WPS pin, get it from the router and fill the Password box.
  • After the printer turns online, connect your laptop to the same network and initiate a print or scan job.

Mac devices cannot connect to a WPS-enabled network. If that is the case, make use of the Apple AirPort feature to connect the printer.

HP Envy 6252 Wifi Setup

HP Envy 6252 Wireless Direct Printing

You can connect the HP Envy 6252 Wifi Setup to a laptop or mobile device without using a router or a network hub. The printer’s NFC technology creates a source for the smartphone to connect. This method is called Wireless Direct Printing.

  • Ensure that the printer is on and is in a ready state.
  • Touch the Wi-Fi Direct icon on the printer’s access panel.
  • If there is no designated icon for Wireless Direct, go to the Control Panel menu on the printer.
  • Access the Network Settings or Network Setup menu. Scroll the page down and select Wireless Direct.
  • Tap the toggle switch and the Wi-Fi Direct activates. Select On with security to secure the connection.
  • Take note of the security PIN and tap the OK icon. Open the Settings menu on the smartphone.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi function by accessing the Wireless menu. Select HP-Print-xx-[HP Envy 6252 Photo] from the list.
  • Type the security PIN on the dialog box and wait for the Wireless light on the printer to turn blue.

HP Envy photo 6252 USB connection

During the installation of the printer driver, choose the USB Setup mode for connecting the printer via a USB cable. Ensure that the USB cable is not linked to the printer until the driver installation is completed successfully.

How to connect HP Envy 6252 to USB

  • Ensure that the USB cable you have measures less than three meters in length.
  • The data transfer will be faster if you connect the cable to a USB 3.0 slot.
  • Confirm that the printer is turned on and then plug the square-end to a USB port at the rear of the printer.
  • On the other hand, insert the rectangle-end to a USB 3.0 slot (if available) on the laptop you are using.
  • Wait for a message “Device drivers installed successfully” on the laptop. Start printing after the message disappears.