HP Envy 7120 Scan Setup

How to Scan on HP Envy 7120

  1. The printer can scan at a resolution of up to 1200 dpi.
  2. It can scan documents to a computer, memory device or email.
  3. Check if your Envy 7120 printer and computer are connected.
  4. Power on the printer and raise the scanner lid.
  5. Load your original document with its printed side down on the scanner glass.
  6. Select the computer to which you scan the document.
  7. Choose the scan type and then tap OK.
  8. To scan to a memory device, mount the original document on the scanner glass and tap Scan.
  9. Choose Memory Device and then insert your memory device into the printer.
  10. Modify the scan settings as per your requirement and then select Save.

HP Envy 7120 Scan

How to scan multiple pages on HP Envy 7120

You can use the HP Scan software to scan multiple pages into a single PDF file. The software gets installed along with the full feature driver.

Power up your Envy 7120 printer and computer

  • Mount the original document with its print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Open the HP folder and select the Envy 7120 printer name on your computer.
  • The HP Printer Assistant window will open. Select Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Select the Save as PDF shortcut on the HP Scan window.
  • Once the first page is scanned, load the next page.
  • Click the ‘+’ (Add) icon on the preview window.
  • Once all the pages are scanned, select Save.
  • Save the file as PDF.
  • Change the file name or folder and click Save again.

How to make copies on Envy 7120

The printer can produce high-quality prints of resolution of up to 1200×1200 dpi.

  • Make sure the Envy 7120 printer is powered on and is in the ready state.
  • Pull the paper input tray out and ensure there is enough plain paper.
  • Lift-open the scanner lid and make sure the glass is clean. Place your original document with its printed side down on the glass.
  • Tap the Copy option on the control panel.
  • Modify the Copy settings as required.
  • Open the Settings menu to view advanced copy settings.
  • Check if the paper size and quality suit your requirement.
  • Tap Start and then select Start Black or Start Color to begin the Copying process. Collect the printed copies from the output tray.

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