HP Envy 7155 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 7155 Photo USB Connection

During the driver setup process, set the connectivity type to the USB setup mode and continue with the on-screen guidelines to link the printer to a USB hub.

  • Turn off the HP Envy 7155 Wireless Setup feature on your laptop if it is turned on.
  • Take a USB 3.0 cable of size less than three meters.
  • Attach the square-end of the USB cable into the printer’s USB port.
  • Connect the rectangle end to a USB slot on the laptop.
  • The system displays a message stating Installing Device Drivers.
  • Wait until the device drivers installation is finished.
  • Click OK on the window that pops up on the forthcoming screen.
  • Once the message titled Connection Successful displays, start printing.

HP Envy 7155 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 7155 Wi-Fi Setup

123.hp.com/envy7155 is a wireless printer and you can connect it to a network via the built-in Wireless function, HP Wireless Direct, and the Bluetooth connection.

How to connect HP Envy 7155 to Wi-Fi

  • After installing the drivers, select HP Envy 7155 Wireless Setup as the connection method.
  • Select a Wireless tool to build the wireless network connection.
  • Delink the USB cable from the printer if connected already.
  • Activate the router that is connected to a Wireless Access Point.
  • Verify the internet connection status and signal strength (speed).
  • Enable the Wireless function on your HP Envy 7155 printer.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi feature on the laptop and choose the desired network from the list.
  • Connect the printer to the same wireless network.

HP Envy 7155 Wireless Direct Printing

  • Make sure to install the Wireless Direct software on your computer.
  • Disjoin the USB cable from the printer, if connected already.
  • Ensure that you have an active internet connection.
  • Open the Control Panel settings on your HP Envy 7155 printer.
  • Go to the Wireless Settings tab and scroll down to the last.
  • Slide the toggle switch on top of the page.
  • This enables the Wireless Direct feature on your printer.
  • Activate the Wireless feature on your computer or laptop.
  • Turn off your wireless router to prevent your printer from connecting to it.
  • Print a network test page from the printer to check the connection status.