HP Envy 7645 Wireless Setup

We are one of the best HP Envy 7645 Wireless setup instruction providers. Simply direct to our website, key in the printer model number and know more. You are provided with different platforms among the Wireless mode and you can pick out which is suitable to you.


   123.hp.com/setup 7645 – Windows

Step 1: Be ready with the necessary items.

  •    You should fulfil certain criteria to connect the printer to the HP Envy 7645 Wireless network. Check the compatibility and go ahead with the prompts.
  •    Connecting the 123 HP Envy 7645 printer to the wireless network is simple, if you know SSID, password.
  •    An active internet connection is required. The speed of the print job depends on the signal strength which you are using.

Step 2: Connecting to the Wireless network using Auto Wireless connect

  •    Before opting for this method, check whether your HP Envy 7645 supports this. If yes, you can go ahead with the instructions provided.
  •    Downloading the newest version of printer driver and software is mandatory to avail the full feature printer.
  •    After downloading the software, make an attempt to run the installer. When you receive the prompts, choose the connection type.

Step 3: customizing the settings

  •    It is recommended to set the frequency band as 2.4 GHz as it is compatible with many printer models. Check the router’s documentation to learn more.
  •    If the software is not installed, reset the settings by clicking the Restore Network Settings or Restore Network Defaults option.
  •    In general, environmental and technical factors has impact when connecting the printer over a network. Call us and know more.

  123.hp.com/setup 7645 – MAC

Step 1: Make arrangements to connect the printer

  •    Know your network name, and its passphrase to connect the printer to the network, Key in them, when instructed.
  •    Make use of an USB cable or DSL while downloading the printer software by means of Web services, and avail the printer updates easily.
  •    Placing the HP Envy 7645 printer, the computer, and the router faraway from each other results in poor connection.

Step 2: Organize the wireless printer connection

  •    It is recommended to use the Wireless Setup Wizard to establish the printer connection and manage them as well.
  •    Power on the printer, and follow the prompts provided in this manual to establish the HP Envy 7645 Wireless network connection on your HP Envy 7645 printer.
  •    Go to the Settings option on the control panel of your HP Envy 7645 printer to enable the Wireless Setup Wizard option.

Step 3: Get the appropriate driver on your Mac computer

  •    It is necessary to avail the best and appropriate 123.hp.com/envy7645 printer driver and software to carry out the printer functions at their best results.
  •    To search for your printer driver, you have to key in the printer model number, when urged by the installer.
  •    Check the prompts and find the easy way to download, install, and run the 123.hp.com/envy7645 printer driver and software on your Mac computer.