123.hp.com/envy7645 Printer

  •   Minimize the paper cost using Automatic Duplexer
  •   Use Automatic Document Feeder to print multiple pages
  •   Supports both Wired and Wireless network
  •   Enable the fax feature for office usage
  •   Supports HP ePrint and AirPrint
  •   Compatible with Windows and Mac operating system
  •   Supports HP Instant Ink program

123 HP Envy 7645 Printer Functions


Faxing has become one of the most important functions which is carried out in many offices even for home purpose. Faxing lets you send documents, information’s over the phone lines, anywhere you want irrespective of the distance.
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How to Install HP Envy 7645 Printer?

You are almost near to the HP Envy 7645 printer installation instructions. Just read this manual and know how to setup your printer. We provide all the top- to- bottom tips that helps you to setup the printer. Initially take out the printer from the box, take out all the tapes, install the ink cartridge into the slots. Then fix all the hardware parts that come with the printer. Once it is done, install the software using the installation CD. Subsequently, print a status report to check the printer’s functionality. To get further information, just read more.

123 HP Envy 7645 Printer Setup

123 HP Envy 7645 Unboxing Setup and Support

  • Step 1 :   Free off the printer from the packing materials such as plastic tapes, bubble wrapper, and more.
  • Step 2 :   link the power cord to the 123.hp.com/setup 7645 printer. You will receive a power cord when the printer is shipped. Take the cord from the cover, connect its one end to the printer and other end to the electrical socket to supply input power.
  • Step 3 :   Configure the necessary settings as per the requirement. To set this navigate to the printer’s control panel, click on the language option, and go with continue. then set the time and date using the prompts.
  • Step 4 :    You need to place new unused papers into the main input tray. While placing the paper ascertain that unfolded papers are used, and no loading of dissimilar paper is allowed.
  • Step 5 :   When placing the paper into the input tray, gently push the paper width guides until they rests against the edges of the paper. After the stack is properly placed, tug the input tray firmly.Ink cartridge installation is important to print or scan the document. You have separate slots for color and mono ink cartridge. Be cautious while installing the ink into the slots.
  • Step 6 :   The ink cartridges which you are using should be buy from an authentic dealers or manufacturers. Using in-genuine ink might result in the HP 7645 ink cartridge issue in the later stages. Appropriate driver and software installation is must to carry out the printer’s functionalities. The 123 HP Envy 7645 printer driver and software are available in our website. All you have to do is to just directed to our website, key in the printer model number when urged.

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123 HP Envy 7645 Driver and Manual Download

If you have any setup and troubleshooting issue, you no need to waste the time by surfing the websites. Just download our manual and use the tips to rectify the issue. Without the driver, printer will not print a document. Download your 123 HP Envy 7645 printer driver from our website based on the compatibility.

Driver downloadManual download

123.hp.com/setup 7645 – Wireless setup

   HP 7645 Window setup

Before proceed to connect the 123.hp.com/envy7645 printer to the computer operating with Windows operating system, check its version, and proceed the steps accordingly. Once you have connected the device, power up the printer, and follow the instructions to include the printer to the print queue list. You can even add your printer as a default printer so that your computer will remember to use which printer when connecting to the network.

   HP 7645 Mac setup

The operating system on your Mac computer lets you detect the HP Envy 7645 printer because of its in built Bonjour feature. AirPrint feature lies next in the list of features which lets you establish the network connection automatically. The method of setting up the printer widely depends on the network connection mode and the operating system version of your Mac computer. We provide instructions for each of the connection methods in our manual.

HP Envy7645 Printer Troubleshooting

Envy7645 Printer Offline

If you received a printer offline message on your printer’s control panel. Check your printer connection (Wired or Wireless). If it is a Wired connection, make certain that the cables are linked properly. If it is a Wireless connection, ensure that the Wireless network name and password are correct. Locate your devices within the range of the Wireless network. Try out these basic issues so that you can clear your issues.

Envy7645 Printer not found during network driver setup

Usually, printer not found during network driver setup message displays, when your 123 HP Envy 7645 printer connection is not good and unable to detect the printer. Check the connection and ensure that the cables are plugged properly. If you use the Wireless connection, make sure that you position the printer and router at a closer distance. Readmore…

123 HP Envy 7645 Printer

HP Envy 7645 Printer Installation & Setup!
Steps to download HP Envy 7645 Printer Driver & Software.
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