hp envy photo 7855 how to print

Printing with your HP Envy Photo 7855 printer happens in a blink of an eye. For quick prints, follow these steps.

how to print on hp envy photo 7855

  •    Open the text application to print and adjust the font size, style, and other options if needed.
  •    Click File or Menu and then click on the Print option to access the general print settings.
  •    Click Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences for more layout, quality, and advanced print settings.
  •    Change settings such as paper size, duplex printing, orientation and more.
  •    Change the margins, color, and resolution in the same window.
  •    Click OK and then the Print option.
  •    Depending on your computer OS, the Document Properties may appear as Printing Preferences.
  •    This ends the process of printing documents.

how to print photos on hp envy 7855

  •    Mount the photo paper into the printer’s input tray with the print side facing down.
  •    Align the paper width guides of the photo paper you have placed.
  •    Right-click on the photo file, click Open with and then choose Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  •    Click the Document Properties window for more settings.
  •    Alter the quality and appearance settings in the same window.
  •    Click OK to confirm the changes.
  •    Finally, click Print and remove the left-over photo paper from the tray and keep it safe.
  •    Reach our technicians for help if you are unable to print photos using your printer.

how to scan on hp envy photo 7855

Now scanning with the HP Smart app is the easiest way to save your old or new documents or photos from your mobile.

  •    Tap the Google Play or Apple store and install the HP Smart app.
  •    Ensure that you have an Android device of version 5.0 or more.
  •    If it is an Apple device, the iOS device version should be 10 or later.
  •    Connect your mobile device and the printer to a similar wireless network.
  •    Launch the app and add your printer name.
  •    To scan from the printer, place the item on the scanner glass or ADF.
  •    Tap a Scan tile, Settings icon to select and confirm the changes in settings if any.
  •    Touch the Scan option.

How to copy on hp envy 7855

To make a copy or copy on both sides of the paper, go through the instructions provided below.

  •    Use the scanner glass or ADF based on your printer, to place the document or photo.
  •    Tap Copy, Copy Document or Copy Photo on the printer’s control panel. Modify copy settings required if any.
  •    Choose options such as 2-sided copying, ID card, Copy size, and more.
  •    Tap Start and then Start Black, Start Color or OK to initiate the copy job.
  •    Identify the 2-sided copying option under Copy or Copy Settings.
  •    Enable the setting with a tick-mark next to the box.
  •    Touch either the 1-2-sided copy or 2-2-sided copy option for one or multiple two-sided copying.
  •    Similarly, you can choose the ID card copy option and copy both sides of the ID card.

how to fax on hp envy photo 7855

Fax is an alternate and quick option for the recipient to receive the output without the need of internet. Know how to send or receive fax with the steps below.

  •    Inform the recipient prior that you are going to send a fax.
  •    Mount the paper that you intend to fax using the ADF tray or the scanner glass.
  •    Fill the input tray with plain paper for any fax prints that you may receive.
  •    Check if the phone line is not in use and listen for a dial tone.
  •    Tap the Black, Color or Send button to transfer the fax.
  •    If you hear a busy signal, try faxing again after some time.
  •    If you hear a high-pitch sound, then your fax is being sent.
  •    You will receive a fax report if the recipient has received the fax.