HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Printers

HP ink tank wireless 418

Print high volumes of data at an extremely low cost per page. It paves for easy mobile printing. You can print 6000 pages black and 8000 pages color. This printer produces exceptional quality of printing. It is a reliable printer with spill-free refill system. It is intended to be used for home and office purposes. Thousands of pages can be printed using this high capacity ink tank system. The ink tank refilling and monitoring the ink levels can be done easily. The transparent ink tanks allow you to print with confidence. Create borderless photos, brochures that looks exceptionally great. It allows wireless capability. Printing and scanning can be done even from your mobile devices even without accessing a network.

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HP ink tank 418


  •     The two-sided printing can be done in documents that have a full-featured software installed.
  •     To get both sides of the pages printed. Setup the print job and follow these steps to change the settings in the driver of the printer and flip pages depending upon the type of printer.
  •     The duplexing settings is used by the printer to print on both the sides of the paper.
  •     Load sufficient paper into the input tray to avoid page ordering issues to complete your print job.
  •     Open the document to be printed Select File and click Print. Choose the name of your printer and click Printer Preferences, Properties or Setup depending on what gets displayed.
  •     The Printing Preferences or Document Properties window gets opened. If a shortcut tab is available click Print On Both Sides or Two-Sided printing option.
  •     If the tab is not available. Choose Features, Layout or Finishing tab depending on what gets displayed based on your driver version.
  •     Find Two-sided printing or Print on Both Sides option. Choose the page flip or binding option depending on how you want to read the document like a tab or booklet.
  •     Tap OK and click Print. Take the first printed pages from the output tray and tap the paper on a flat surface to align the pages.
  •     Load the first printed pages into the main input tray. Loading depends upon a front load input tray or rear load input tray.

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HP ink tank 418 printer Setup

Driver manual download

The print driver establishes the connectivity between the printer and the computer/laptop. It is essential to install the driver before you use the printer. Make use of the CD that comes in the shipment box. If the driver is not in the current version download and install it from this website. The user manual is user-friendly for the user who uses the printer for the first time. The index page describes in short about what the manual is about. If the manual is lost or unavailable in the shipment box download the manual from this website.

Driver downloadManual download


  •   The 2-sided copying feature on the printer’s control panel can be used to copy on both sides of the page.
  •   Most HP printers that have touchscreens or menu displays have the two side copying feature.
  •   For printers which have button only control panels copy the first side of the page, reload the page into the main input tray.
  •   To confirm which side of the paper goes first and which side faces up do a test copy and then copy the second side.
  •   Under Copy or Copy Settings locate the 2-sided copying menu. Depending upon the printer the feature can be enabled.
  •   If necessary the printer prompts you to flip pages. Select the box next to the setting name or click ON.
  •   Tap the menu to display a list of two-sided copying option. To view all the copy job options scroll down and see it in the display screen.
  •   Use 1-2 sided copy to copy two one-sided originals to make one two side copy or use 2-2 sided option to copy a two-sided original.
  •   The Automatic Document Feeder scans and copies two-sided originals automatically.
  •   If the ADF feature is not supported, use the flatbed scanner to scan two-sided originals. The ADF feature can also be used for multiple one-sided copies.


  •   The scanning process setup involves installing the full feature driver from the HP website.
  •   Setup the connection between the printer and computer. The HP Scan Software supports all the scanning functions which are available in the driver package of printers released after 2011.
  •   If you have set up the printer using the HP Smart App then go to Are other scanning apps or methods available? For detailed information on the scanning tools.
  •   Go to HP Customer Support- Software and Driver downloads to install the software and driver. Enter the model of your printer and select Download under Driver-Product Installation Software.
  •   Follow the on-screen instructions and install the software. Place the photo printed side document down on the scanner glass and close the scanner lid.
  •   If the printer has an Automatic Document Feeder capacity you can use to scan multiple page documents at a single time.
  •   Do not load photos into the ADF to avoid damage to the photos and printer. Many printers have a Scan button or touchscreen with Scan option. Select the file with Scan to view the scan.
  •   If your scanning multiple pages from the scanner glass load the next page and select the plus button in the HP Scan preview window to scan the next page.
  •   Continue the steps until all the pages are scanned and tap Save. You can also edit and preview the scan before saving it.
  •   Click Show Viewer After Scan or Show scan preview to make additional settings to the scan. Click OK to save the scan.


  •   The driver device establishes the connection between the printer and the computer or laptop. The installation CD is shipped along with the printer.
  •   Ensure to install the driver before you begin printing. Installation of a full feature driver is always recommended.
  •   When you install a full feature driver additional software are not essential for the printer device.
  •   The driver installation is necessary to add the printer’s name to the list of available devices.
  •   The driver can be installed using the CD provided during shipment of the printer. Check if the CD drive is available in the system or laptop and place the CD into the drive.

  •   Wait until a list of files appears. Enable the AutoPlay feature to list the set of files automatically.
  •   Choose the setup file the extension is .exe for windows and .dmg for Mac devices. After selecting the file the installation begins.
  •   Do not turn off the system while the installation is in process. Wait until the installation completes.
  •   If the installation stops in the middle download the driver from the website. After completion examine whether the printer’s name gets displayed on the list.
  •   If the name is not enlisted on the list of available devices, type the name of your printer and add it to the list. Try to print the test report.


The issues or errors that occur in a printer can be solved by troubleshooting process. There are several reasons that cause problems to the printer. The error messages are indicated on the control panel of the printer or on the computer. If the printer stops suddenly check whether the power supply is proper. Ensure to use the same cord provided during shipment. Use ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer. If the printer does not display any error messages update the firmware of your printer. Clean the electrical contacts since dirty electrical contacts result in failure of the electrical connection.


  •   The HP Ink Tank printer 418 supports wired as well as wireless connection. The wired connection is established by means of USB cable provided during shipment.
  •   The required software and driver devices need to be installed before the connection is established between the computer and printer. Install the necessary software and drivers.
  •   Do not turn OFF the system while the download is in process. The drivers can be installed using the CD or it can be downloaded directly from the website with latest updates and versions.
  •   Now connect one end of the USB cable to the printer and the other end to the computer. Using the Print option try to print a document.
  •   Send a text document using any text editor or notepad to check if the printer is accessible by your computer.
  •   For wireless connection type the network name and password. The printer’s name gets established in the computer network.
  •   Broadband internet access such as DSL or cable is recommended during software downloads. Touch the wireless icon on the control panel of the printer.
  •   Click the setup icon then select Network setup. Select Wireless settings and click Wireless Setup Wizard. Select the name of your network from the list of available networks and click OK.
  •   Click Enter New Network name if the list does not display your network name. Type the network password if prompted and touch Done.
  •   If an error occurs check whether you have typed the network name and password correctly if not refer to the user guide or website for more troubleshooting steps.


  •   To ensure the functionality of the printer it can be verified by carrying out any of the printer function like print, scan, copy etc.
  •   Load enough paper into the main input tray. Place the paper in such a way that the short edges of the paper meet the ends of the printer.
  •   On the printer software check for error messages and resolve them by following the on-screen instructions.
  •   Check whether the USB Cable connection is done properly. Disconnect and reconnect the cable.
  •   If the connection is through wireless network ensure that the connection is working and your computer is connected to the same wireless network.
  •   Verify that the printer is not in sleep or offline mode. Check whether the printer is set as the default printer.
  •   If the wrong printer is set right-click then select the name of your printer and click Set as Default Printer.
  •   Restart the computer and clear the print queue. If the printer is left unused for a longer duration it might result in blockage of the ink.
  •   Ensure that there is enough ink in the ink slot. Check the cartridges used if it is not compatible with your printer replace the cartridges.
  •   The nozzles on the printheads get blocked hence clean the printheads to solve this problem. If the printer does not function visit the website for solving them or service the printer.

HP Ink Tank 418
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