HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 Printers

HP Ink tank wireless 319

The revolutionary HP Ink Tank 319 printer has brought in innovative way of hassle-free printing. Print up to 8,000 color pages or 6,000 black pages at an extremely low cost per-page. But the technology that has made this printer stand apart from the rest is its highly-rated ink system. Restoring or refilling ink has never been easy before with the all-new resealable bottles with spill-free refill system. No more manual ink cartridge replacements, and no worries about checking your ink levels often with the new HP Ink Tank 319. We have a chat and voice support system for the customers to get their issues solved.

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Unboxing Setup HP Ink Tank 319 Printer

The unboxing of the Hp Ink Tank 319 can be quite different from the other HP printers due to the new components included. The printer and the accessories come in a flat rectangular box. The package will be sealed from the outside. Remove/tear the seal to open the box.

  •     The setup poster will be found on opening the package followed by the software installation CD.
  •     This CD contains the software and drivers that should be installed on the computer to help setting up the printer.
  •     Start here guide, a User Manual and a repacking instructions guide will also be found.
  •     Instead of ink cartridges from the normal HP printers, two Deskjet GT printheads (1 black and 1 color) are placed in the box.
  •     The printer is now found covered with a cardboard layer. There is also a rectangular box present in the side.
  •     It contains a USB cable, a power cable as well as the new resealable ink HP ink bottles which are used for refilling ink tanks.
  •     Remove the printer and unseal all the tapes and covers. Open the output tray cover and remove the cardboards which are indicated by tapes.
  •     Plug in the power cord into the outlet and the other end to the printer. Turn ON the printer.
  •     Open the black ink bottle and gently pull the seal off. Now place the bottle cap and open the plug.
  •     Open the ink tank lid and remove the plug. Now place the black ink bottle upside down over the ink lid.
  •     Similarly fill all the other ink bottles.

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HP ink tank 310 printer Setup

Driver manual download

The print driver establishes the connectivity between the printer and the computer/laptop. It is essential to install the driver before you use the printer. Make use of the CD that comes in the shipment box. If the driver is not in the current version download and install it from this website. The user manual is user-friendly for the user who uses the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer for the first time. The index page describes in short about what the manual is about. If the manual is lost or unavailable in the shipment box download the manual from this website.

Driver downloadManual download

Moving or transporting HP ink tank printers

  •   Moving or transporting printers can be a tedious task. But with HP Ink Tank 319 printer, this can be done with less effort.
  •   The HP Ink Tank 319 is provided with a Repacking instructions manual for the user to refer while moving or repacking the printer.
  •   Keep the printer within level while moving within office or home.
  •   Turn ON the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer and open the access doors. Hold the Black Color Copy for three seconds.
  •   The printheads will move to the center. With the power ON, disconnect the power cable and cord.

  •   Push down the blue latch to open it to clear the latch and slide it to the left side.
  •   Make sure the ink plugs are secure and close all the doors. Place the printer within two styrofoam sheets and cover it with a large plastics bag enough to cover the whole machine.
  •   Close the bag completely and place it in the printer package box.
  •   Unbox the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer in your new location and open the printhead access door and slide the printheads to the middle.
  •   Close the blue latch and the access doors. Re-connect power cord and the USB cable and start printing.


Although the HP Ink Tank 319 will not have many ink issues, there can be issues with setup or connectivity or printhead issues. The printheads are similar to the ink cartridges in other HP printers. So there can be trouble while installing them. Call our expert’s if you have any troubleshooting problems with your HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer.

How to Check if the printer is connected to computer or not

“How to check if the printer is connected to computer or not” is the common search term used by users when they want to check whether their printer is connected to the computer or not. We provide support to the customers seeking solution for their printer related issues through voice and chat process.

  •   There are various ways to determine of the printer is connected to the computer.
  •   Print a test page from the computer to the printer. Press the Power button on the printer to turn it ON.
  •   Load paper into the input tray. Click the Windows icon on the computer and go to the Control Panel.
  •   Go to the Hardware and Sound section and click on “View Devices and Printers”.
  •   Right-click on your printer and select Printer Properties. Click on the “Print test page” button present in the bottom of the window.
  •   If the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer successfully prints a test page, then it is connected to the computer.
  •   If the printer does not respond, then several troubleshooting steps can be taken.
  •   Check whether the USB cable is properly connected to the computer or not.
  •   Check if the printer is turned ON or is jammed with any bits of paper.

How to check if printer is working or not

The printer may not have any problem with the hardware, but the software may have. The offline errors may occur if the printer does not respond at all. The printer can have many internal errors that can lead to offline errors.

  •   Check the the Network Settings menu in a Windows system and see if all the settings are configured properly.
  •   Check the router settings if the internet connection is intact or not. Refer our website for more information about connection issues from a system to the HP.
  •   This error may occur along with a status message. Also check if the router is turned ON or not.
  •   There can be driver issues too if the software drivers are corrupt or not updated.
  •   Download the latest drivers from our website and install them and then try restarting the printer.
  •   If the above solution doesn’t work, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool from the manufacturer website and run the program to solve the issues.
  •   Check if the IP address of the printer and the network are the same or not.
  •   If not, then the HP Ink Tank Wireless 319 printer is not connected to the network properly.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 319
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