HP Laserjet M527Z Printer

  •   Print,scan,copy and fax
  •   Printer supports Windows,Mac and Linux
  •   Printer supports eprint and Airprint app
  •   Suitable for high volume printing
  •   Prints high-quality printouts
  •   Supports Duplex printing
  •   Scan to email

hp laserjet m527z printer

Driver manual download

Without installing a driver,you will not be able to print any document from the printer.The driver is mandatory to print from the printer.With the upgraded printer driver and software,you can make use of the latest features in the printer.While downloading,examine whether the appropriate driver is installed in the system.For Windows,.exe setup file is necessary and for Mac, .dmg setup file is required for installation. utilize the software installation CD to install the HP Laserjet M527z printer driver in the system.Prior to downloading,check whether the driver is compatible with the version of the operating system and then start to download the driver.Go through the installation steps

For windows

  •    Download the printer driver with the link provided below the driver download option.
  •    Choose the name of the printer, language and operating system version from the pop-up list.Look for the available software and driver options,as the options may differ in accordance with the printer model.
  •    Now,select the driver item you need to install in the system.On the installation software screen,choose Download and then take the aid of the steps to install the HP Laserjet M527z printer software.
  •    You can also use the software installation CD that came with the printer’s shipment box.Place the software installation CD into the computer’s disc drive.Look for the .exe setup file to install the driver.
  •    Double-click on the setup file to initiate the software installation process.Once the installation process begins,trail the instructions mentioned on the screen to accomplish the driver installation.

For Mac

  •    There are two methods to install the printer driver in the Mac system.One of the methods is to use the software installation CD and the other method is to download the driver from our website.
  •    Keep the software installation CD into the computer’s disc drive.Look for the list of contents ,once the installation CD is inserted.Examine whether .dmg setup file is present in the drive.
  •    Now,double-click on the setup file to initiate the installation process.Take a glance at the on-screen instructions to accomplish the installation process and avail all the latest features.
  •    You can also visit our website to key in the 123.hp.com/lj m527z printer model number and operating system version to download the upgraded driver and software in the system to avail all the latest features.
  •    Once the file is downloaded,double-click on the setup file to install the printer driver in the system.Take the aid of the on-screen instructions to finish the driver installation process.

Ink and Toner catridge

Utilize toner cartridge for high print quality and decrease the cost of printing using the toner cartridges. With the Standard cartridges,you will be able to print your document in high-quality.With high -yield toner cartridge,the replacement of ink cartridges is not necessary as the cartridge is mainly suitable for high-mid volume printing process. You can also use dual pack toner cartridges,which saves your time by printing the twice the number of printing power and is the best choice for high volume printing.Utilize the QR code to examine whether the cartridge is authentic. In case of issue with the toner cartridge,go through the steps below for cartridge replacement

Replace the toner cartridges

  • Step 1:  When the printer implies the toner cartridge is very low or empty,you need to replace it.
  • Step 2:  Unlock the front door of the printer to replace the toner cartridges by pressing the top cover release button on the printer’s left side.
  • Step 3:  Eliminate the toner cartridge from the carriage. Take out the new toner cartridge from the protective shell and then open the package.
  • Step 4: Grasp both ends of the toner cartridges and shake it 5-6 times.Try to align the toner cartridge into its slot and then install it into the printer until it fixes into place.
  • Step 5: Once you have installed the toner cartridge,seal the front door of the HP Laserjet M527z printer for the proper installation of the cartridge.To avoid damage of cartridge,do not expose it to light.
  • Step 6:  While replacing the toner cartridge,make sure that you do not tap on the imaging drum.If there are any fingerprints,it can also be a reason for the print quality issue.

Replace the toner collection unit

  • Step 1:  You need to replace the toner collection unit when the printer’s control panel instructs to do so.The toner collection unit is mainly designed for a single use of the printer.
  • Step 2:  In case the printing documents requires heavy toner coverage in which the toner collection unit fills fast.Unlock the front door and ensure that the door is opened.
  • Step 3:  Hold the blue label on the top of the toner collection unit and then eliminate it from the device.Keep the attached blue cap over the blue opening of the unit.
  • Step 4: Take away the new toner collection unit from the packaging.Place the bottom of the new unit into the device and then shove the top of the unit until it fixes into place.
  • Step 5:  Seal the front door.In case you have not installed the toner collection unit properly,the front door of the HP Laserjet m527z printer does not shut properly.
  • Step 6: Once you have replaced the toner collect unit,examine whether the are placed firmly into the slot.In case they are not properly fixed,you need to follow the above steps.

Airprint setup

Ensure that you have an AirPrint compatible printer and the Apple device that can make use of AirPrint feature.Link the Apple device to the printer to the same wireless network. Switch on the 123.hp.com/lj M527z printer and select printer’s name from the list.In case the printer’s name is enlisted,the printer is configured and ready to print.For Mac,add the printer’s name to the list by selecting the Add icon and then try to print

eprint setup

Make use of HP ePrint to print the documents by just sending a mail with an attachment to the printer’s email address from the email enabled system or mobile.With an active internet connection,establish the printer connection over the wireless network.Enable HP Web services from the printer’s control panel. By tapping Network to screen the IP address or host name.After enabling it,your HP eprint is completed.

Wireless setup

With HP Wireless Direct,you will be able to make a wireless connection to the printer without any wireless router.You will be able to print from Apple devices,Windows and Smartphones too.Enable the Wireless Direct from the control panel of the printer.Choose Administration menu->choose on to activate the Wireless Printing.You can also alter the name of the network for the printer.

Printer function


Print on both sides of the document using Duplex printing which saves your paper & time.Make use of economode to conserve toner for Mac.


Utilize Quick copy mode which prints any number of copies of a job and saves the copy in printer memory so that you can print it again later.


Utilize two-sided ID copy scan mode to scan each side of the identification card on the scanner glass and scan them into a single page.

Fax setup

Make use of the PC fax Send feature which sends faxes from the computer.This feature is enabled in the printer by default.


In case the network location of a Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet PC is modified from Private to Public and then again to Private network,in such case the HP Laserjet M527z printer icon implies that the printer is in offline mode and the users are not able to print on the network to the printer.Trail the steps below to solve the printer issue.

Printer offline

Printer troubleshooting
  •    The issue occurs mainly due to the improper function of Network Discovery and File and Print Sharing settings or it may be disabled.
  •    Ensure that the network settings on the laptop or tablet PC are configured properly to identify on a Private network.
  •    You can also enter the settings from the Metro screen which displays by itself on the search field,select Settings->Manage advanced sharing settings.
  •    On the printer’s control panel,choose Network and Internet->Network and Sharing->Settings->Manage advanced sharing settings.
  •    To enable the network discovery,administrator permission is required .In case you are urged to enter the password,type it to confirm.
  •    Under the File and printer sharing,choose Turn on File and printer sharing on the Advanced sharing settings in Windows 8.1.
  •    Choose Save or Save changes and then relink the HP Laserjet M527z printer to the Private network.