HP Laserjet M725DN Printer

  •   Supports Windows and Mac system
  •   Scan to folder.
  •   USB and Ethernet network.
  •   Maximum resolution up to 1200 dpi.
  •   Duty cycle up to 200,000 pages.
  •   Many paper handling options.
  •   Compatible with ePrint, Mopria and AirPrint.

HP Laserjet M725DN printer

Printer Function


You can easily print documents, photos or any items from your HP M725dn printer to your computer or any device.


With this printer, you can easily copy and store your documents on your PC. Modify the settings by following the on-screen instructions.


When you scan a document or an image it lets you store the items for future purposes. Follow the prompts to initiate scan.

Wireless setup

Though the printer does not have a wireless capability, you can connect the HP Laserjet M725DN printer to the network with the help of a router.

Driver manual download

Sometimes you may be unable to print even after installing the printer driver, once you complete the printer setup. This indicates that you need to install an updated printer driver and software compatible with your PC and HP Laserjet M725dn printer. You can also refer to the printer manual. Do remember that the driver file for Windows system will be in the .exe format and for your Mac PC, .dmg is the format of the driver file. The step-by-step procedure to download the driver for both Windows and Mac are here. Get to know how to install the driver for your system by following the instructions that are given below.

For windows

  •    You need to Click the Start button that can be found in the lower-left corner of the desktop. Note that Windows 10 virtually handles your driver updates through the Windows update utility.
  •    Now, tap the Settings button that is on the left side of the Start menu. Select Update & security. If you are unable to view this option, select Home in the upper-left corner.
  •    Select the Windows Update option that will be in the navigation menu on the left side of the window. Tap Check for updates so that Windows checks for any available updates, including updated drivers.
  •    Tap Install updates to download the updates. Reboot the system if prompted. Once the driver update process is complete, you may notice Windows has successfully updated your driver software window.
  •    Select the Close button. Also, close Device Manager. You can restart your computer, even if you’re not prompted to do so. Choose the desired network connection and then select the apt print job.

For Mac

  •     Select the printer model from the list that appears and ensure that the OS version is correct. Click the Apple menu as it gives updates of the driver for your Mac hardware.
  •     Tap the App Store option to open the Updates tab in the App Store. If there are any available updates for your hardware, it will be listed. Now, proceed to the next step.
  •    Tap the Update All button to download the available updates. You can also choose just install any available driver updates. Now, you ensure that you wait for updates to download and install.
  •    You can download the driver by following the on-screen istructions. Sometimes, your PC may prompt to reboot after the installation process. Now, you can proceed to the next step.
  •    Select the Add printer option, then choose the desired network connection and then based on the print job choose the HP Laserjet M725DN printer function. For any further information, you can reach us on the Toll-free number.

Ink and Toner catridge

Ink Cartridges are generally used in inkjet printers where the cartridge contains liquid ink, usually absorbed in a sponge. Whereas the toner cartridges are used in laser printers in which instead of liquid ink, they are filled with a fine powder that can be magnetically charged. For high volume printing, Laserjet M725DN printers and toner cartridges save the costs per page. Moreover, they are more reliable under heavy usage. Ink cartridges are usually the best option for home printing where low initial cost is more important. An inkjet cartridge prints less pages when compared to the toner cartridges. Read the steps below to replace the toner cartridges or collection unit.

Replace the toner cartridges

  • Step 1:  You need to open the front door, then ascertain that you hold the blue handle on the toner cartridge drawer and then carefully pull it out. Now, proceed to the next step.
  • Step 2:  Carefully grasp the handle on the toner cartridge, then take out the new toner cartridge package from the box and then pull the release tab on the packaging to remove it.
  • Step 3:  Now, take out the toner cartridge, then carefully grasp both ends of the toner cartridge and then gently rock the toner cartridge back and forth to distribute the toner.
  • Step 4: Make sure that you carefully insert the new toner cartridge into the drawer and also verify that the color chip on the cartridge matches the color chip on the drawer.
  • Step 5: Now, push the toner cartridge drawer into the 123.hp.com/lj m725dn printer, then carefully close the front door to secure the cartridge and also ascertain that the cartridge is placed properly.
  • Step 6:  If there is any issue with the toner cartridge, you can go to our website and contact our technical support team on the Toll-free. You may get instant solutions.

Replace the toner collection unit

  • Step 1:  Replace the toner collection unit only when you receieve a prompt on the control panel and ascertain that you do not empty the toner collection unit and reuse it.
  • Step 2:  This is because it may lead to toner being spilled inside the HP Laserjet M725DN printer, which could, therefore, result in reduced print quality. Now, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Step 3:  In case you want to print documents or photos that require heavy toner coverage, then it is recommended to have another toner collection unit readily available.
  • Step 4: If you want to replace the toner collection unit for the printer, you can open the front door and then carefully take out the blue label at the top of the toner collection unit.
  • Step 5:  Place the attached blue cap over the blue opening at the top of the unit, then take out the new toner collection unit from its package and then proceed to the next step.
  • Step 6: Mount the bottom of the new unit into the printer, then push the top of it until it clicks into position and then close the front door. For any clarification, contact on the Toll-free.

Need Technical support call us

123.hp.com/lj m725dn

Once the printers get worn out, it may face unexpected issues just like all other devices or machines. These printer issues may affect your print job and not let you print any document or photo. Ascertain that the issues are fixed without any delays. To verify the status of your HP Laserjet M725DN printer, print a Printer Status Report. Be it paper jam or any other printer issue, you can easily troubleshoot them by following the prompts given below.

Paper jam error

  •    Ascertain that there is no jammed paper inside the printer and then mount the tray with the correct paper size for the print job. On the printer’s control panel, you need to ensure that the paper size and type are set correctly.
  •    Now, make sure that the paper guides in the tray are adjusted properly and that the arrow on the tray guide, lines up exactly with the marking on the tray. Moreover, check if the humidity in the room is within the required specifications.
  •    You can view the printer’s control panel to know if it displays any prompt to feed the paper manually. Mount paper and then with a lint-free cloth dampened with warm water, clean the rollers. You can now move on to the next step.
  •    Examine the rollers for any smooth surface either completely around the circumference or just on one side. Replace the tray rollers if the issue still persists.

HP Laserjet M725DN Printer Issues

Print Quality Issue

Sometimes, the printer may face issues such as streaked printouts, color or black ink not printing, documents with blurred or fuzzy text, ink streaks or smears, and other print quality problems. Ensure that you use genuine HP ink cartridges and that you do not use curled paper. You need to use the correct paper type and check the print settings.

Copy Quality Issue

Sometimes when copying from the flatbed or automatic document feeder (ADF), the printout may have quality issues, such as vertical or horizontal lines, color bands, or poor resolution. Ensure that you clean the scanner and the ADF rollers with a soft and lint-free cloth. If necessary, change the copy and paper settings. You can finally reset the HP Laserjet M725DN printer.

Scan Quality Issue

When the printer faces any scan issue, you need to initially ensure that the issue is not print-related and then clean the scanner and the ADF rollers. This can be done with the help of a clean and lint-free cloth. You can also change the scan settings to increase resolution, adjust the color palette or increase the contrast. Finally, reset the printer.