HP Laserjet M775DN Printer

  •   Print, copy and scan Professionally at high speeds.
  •   Contains a Memory capacity of 1536 MB.
  •   Print speed for colour and black at 30 ppm.
  •   Duty cycle of up to 120,000 pages per month.
  •   Availability of wireless and USB connection.
  •   Compatible with AirPrint, Eprint.
  •   Supports Windows, Mac, and multitasking.

HP Laserjet M775DN

Driver Manual download

Wonder why your HP Laserjet M775DN printer not print even after setting it up? Failing to install the driver is the main reason this is happening. Drivers are essential for the working of your printer. To download the driver, go to HP support site choose your operating system, input your printer model number, locate and download its respective driver. If you already have a driver downloaded, check for updates and get the latest version of the same. After downloading, install the driver by following the below instructions. Note that one driver will not work for all printers and drivers that have not been updated will cause issues.

For windows

  •    To download your printer driver, visit our website and choose your specific printer model from the available list. Opt for the OS version that is available on your computer.
  •    Search and Download the full feature software, found under the Driver-Product Installation software. Use available software’s such as guided HP Download and Install Assistant to install.
  •    Click on the Download only option and click download to download 123.hp.com/lj M775DN printer driver. On Windows, choose ‘Installing with recommended settings’ for hassle- free installation process.
  •    To complete the setup choose the desired install location based on your necessity. Choose required printer connection between wireless or USB. Proceed to the next step.
  •    Another method is to install the driver from disc available in the box package. Repeat the above steps with the disc inserted. For any clarification or support, contact our technical experts.

For Mac

  •    The first thing to do it to visit our website and choose your HP Laserjet M775DN printer model from the list of available printers. Take care to choose the correct operating system that is running on your computer.
  •    Search and Download the full feature software, found under the Driver-Product Installation software. Use available softwares such as guided HP Download and Install Assistant to install.
  •    On the Install screen, select HP Scan. Make sure to click on Add Printer option to create a print queue on your Mac system. Doing so will open the Add window where you have to add your printer.
  •    Input your printer model, then make sure that you select the Use or Print Using menu option and select the printer model in the menu that pops up. Proceed to click the Add option.
  •    Setup is completed after you choose the desired network connection and then select the printer function based on your work requirement.

Ink and Toner catridge

A good cartridge is what makes a good printer work at its best.The cartridge contains the ink that is used in printing. There are both colour and black & white ink and separate cartridges available for the same. Purchase the cartridges as per requirement. Toner cartridge present in HP Laserjet M775DN printer contains a memory chip. This also collects a limited set of information about the printer. Please note that this can be turned off as per the customer’s wishes. Make sure to only install genuine HP cartridges to enjoy flawless and uninterrupted printing services. Toner consist of multiple parts, ensure care to replace toner/ toner drum when the print quality decreases or when the respective sign goes off.

Replace the toner cartridges

  • Step 1:  Prior to installing the printer software, make sure you know the network name and password and ensure the computer and printer are prepared for the installation.
  • Step 2:  This product contains four independent colour cartridges. They are the following colours followed by their indication mark. black (K), magenta (M), cyan (C), and yellow (Y).
  • Step 3:  Open the printer door and hold on tightly to the handle of the toner cartridge. Pull out to remove the cartridge from the printer’s handle.
  • Step 4: On the toner, the toner shield,green roller and memory chip are visible. Note that the memory chip collects information about the printer for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Step 5: Remove the new cartridge from its protective cover and shield. By gentle shaking the toner, distribute the toner by holding on to both sides of the cartridge.
  • Step 6:  Take care to not expose the cartridge to direct sunlight. Do not touch the green roller present on the cartridge. Touching the green roller will definitely damage the cartridge.
  • Step 6:  Place the toner cartridge in its slot and push it gently until it clicks into place. Make sure the setting is stable before proceeding to close the front door. Turn on 123.hp.com Laserjet M775DN printer and start printing.

Replace the toner collection unit

  • Step 1:  Replace toner when the control panel prompts you to. Understand that the toner collection unit is for single use only. Trying to use the toner past the replace toner error will void warranty.
  • Step 2:  Using the printer without replacing the toner past its life span poses the rish of the toner getting spilt inside the printer thus reducing print quality. We would advice you to return toner to HP for recycling.
  • Step 3:  Leave the door of the printer open and hold on tightly to the top of the toner collection unit. Using that, hold firmly and pull out to remove the toner from the printer.
  • Step 4: On the front of the unit, place the attached blue coloured cap. This is done to avoid spillage and saving the HP Laserjet M775DN printer from any harm.
  • Step 5:  Open the packaging of the new toner and remove it outside. Care should be taken to feather handle the toner collector as damage to roller will cause issues to print quality.
  • Step 6: Insert bottom first into the printer and apply pressure from the top unit until it clicks into place. Close the door and printer is good to go and will print with greater accuracy.

Apple Airprint

Apple air print is the technology to create and print documents without the necessity of having to download or install drivers. It uses Bonjour networking technology to connect with Air print enabled devices. Accessible through all apple devices such as mac, ipad, ipod and iphones. Air print is an easy to use, one click simple printing mechanism. Frequent updates provided by apple keeps this error free and up to date.

HP eprint

HP ePrint is a secure cloud-based service with which you can print anything from anywhere with just an internet connection. Email the document or photo that needs to be printed directly to the printer. Restrict who can print by sending emails to your printer in the ‘protected mode’. A preferred senders list is created and all your useres who can have access to HP eprint are added there.

Mopria print

Mopria is a printing service exclusive to android devices such as mobiles and tablets. By using this free service available on android playstore, android users can conveniently print wirelessly on their mopria-certified printers. Most of the google services are compatible with mopria plus 3rd party applications like king soft office and adobe reader work flawlessly with this.

Printer function


Printing is the basic function. It enables one to recreate the modified original content on a paper base of one’s choosing.


Copying is to reproduce the original document without having to make any changes to it. This is done instantly with the push of a button.


Scanning is a function by which one can digitize the document or photo and send it to our computer. It is used to store files for future purpose.

Wireless setup

Link your printer to a wireless network. Control your printer remotely and print documents directly from email.


Is your printer not printing? Are you having issues with connectivity? Need assistance setting up your printer? Have no clue about changing cartridges? Worry not! Check our support site for detailed instruction on how to download the respective driver with installation guide, Frequently arising connectivity issues, unboxing and setting up your printer, step by step instructions on chaning your cartridge and much more. We have dedicated software’s that can identify issues on your computer that is preventing your HP Laserjet M775DN printer from working. If this doesn’t clarify your queries, feel free to reach us on our customer care number for 24×7 support. We have detailed guides for the different operating system running on your computer which includes Windows and Mac.