HP LaserJet P2015 Setup

This new Laserjet P2015 comes in a compact package. Before you start printing, you need to perform an important step that is known as unboxing. Performing this step will help you understand the basic printer components of the device. Go with the instructions below to perform unboxing.

HP LaserJet P2015 Setup

Wireless Setup

Printer Functions

Printer Problems

HP LaserJet P2015 unboxing setup

Are you looking forward for unboxing your new HP Laserjet P2015 printer? Just read and follow the upcoming instructions to set up your printer.

  • Look for the tape that prevents the flaps from opening and cut it using a penknife.
  • Now open the flaps and take the driver installation CD, printer manual, setup flyer, and printer cartridge out of the box.
  • You also need to remove the power and USB cables from the 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer box.
  • Link one end of the power cable to the rear of the printer.
  • Connect the plug end to a nearby wall socket.
  • Now the printer needs to be powered on by pushing the Power button gently.
  • In order to install the toner cartridges, you need to open the access door.
  • Wait until the drum assembly moves to the replacement position and place the toner into the respective slot.

HP Laserjet 2420
Driver & Manual

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer Driver

If you want to gain access to all the printer functions of the laserjet p2015, you need to get the latest printer driver that is installed on your computer. Look for the driver installation CD in the printer box and insert it into the computer’s drive and install it. You can also get a soft copy of the printer manual from this site.

HP Laserjet p2015 Manual

Are you looking for information regarding your new printer and are clueless on how to go about with performing the 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer setup? Worry no more, just go with the instructions given in the user manual to perform the required operations. Click the Manual Download button on this site to get a PDF copy of it.

HP Laserjet p2015 Printer Driver for Windows 10

  • Click the Driver for Windows button on this site.
  • The printer driver gets downloaded and saved in the Downloads folder of your computer.
  • Wait until the download process completes and select the installer file from the Downloads bar.
  • You can also begin the driver installation by selecting the file with the .exe extension in the Downloads folder.

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer Driver for Windows 7 32 bit

  • Get the printer driver that is compatible with the Windows 7 32 bit version of the operating system from the manufacturer’s site.
  • The installer file that is to be downloaded is 17.1 MB in size. This is a PCL5 version of the HP Universal Print Driver.
  • It contains a set of fixes, enhancements, features, and fixes.

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer Driver for Windows 8 64 bit

  • The printer driver that is compatible with the Windows 8 64 bit version of the operating system can be downloaded from the manufacturer site.
  • This driver is HP Universal Print, download it.
  • It contains 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer enhancements, features, fixes and fixes history.

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer Driver Installation

  • Place the CD into your computer’s disc drive.
  • Open the file with the setup file from the Autorun window that opens.
  • If your computer doesn’t have a disc drive, download the latest version of the driver from this site.
  • Go with the instructions in the installer and continue with the installation.
  • Select the connection type when prompted.
  • The next window will prompt you to perform the connection, do the needful and start printing.

HP Laserjet p2015 Ethernet setup

  • Verify whether the router provides an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Check if the router you have has an active Ethernet port.
  • Use an Ethernet cable with two wire leads and not four.
  • Switch on your 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer and remove any protective cover that covers the Ethernet port of the device.
  • Link one end of the Ethernet cable to the printer’s Ethernet port.
  • Connect the other to the port on the router.
  • If there is a USB cable linking your printer and computer, detach it.

HP Laserjet p2015 USB setup

  • The printer must be disconnected from the wireless network if connected. Begin the printer driver installation, or open HP Easy Start if already installed.
  • Proceed with the instructions given by the installer; it will eventually prompt you to select a connection type, choose USB.
  • Connect the USB cable between your printer and computer only when prompted by the installer.
  • Attach the square end of the cable at the rear of the printer.
  • Link the rectangular end of it to the USB port on your computer.
  • The printer now gets connected to the computer.
  • You can now start printing using the HP printer software.

HP Laserjet p2015 Print setup

  • Printing on the laserjet p2015 printer is simple, check if the latest printer driver is installed on your computer.
  • The toner cartridges need to be installed on your printer before you start printing.
  • Loading paper is quite simple, just open the input tray and place the paper properly.
  • Adjust the paper width guides accordingly.
  • Get the latest version of the printer driver installed on your computer.
  • Check whether the printer is added to the list of devices on your computer.
  • Now open the document that you need to print and select File -> Print.
  • Select the 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer from the list and choose the number of copies.
  • Make other adjustments if required and start printing.

HP Laserjet p2015 Print on both sides automatically

  • You can perform automatic duplex printing using A4, Letter and Legal size paper.
  • Make sure the paper is loaded before you begin printing.
  • If you are using a Windows computer, perform the steps below.
  • Open Printer Properties for instructions and select the Finishing tab.
  • Tick the checkbox next to Correct Order for Straight Paper Path.
  • Click OK and the document gets printed.
  • Go with the procedure below to perform the automatic duplexing if you are a Mac operating system user.
  • Choose File -> Print, and select Duplex -> Print on Both Sides.
  • The Print on Both Sides checkbox appears, tick the box.
  • The document now starts printing on both sides.

HP Laserjet P2015 Toner

The toner cartridge of the laserjet P2015 printer is present on the drum unit. This cartridge contains a powder form of ink which deposits on paper while printing. The toner level needs to be checked periodically to ensure a proper function.

HP P2015 Toner replacement

  • The toner cartridge needs to be replaced periodically. Do the procedure below to perform the same.
  • Push the cartridge door button on the device and remove the old toner from inside.
  • To obtain recycling information, look inside the printer cartridge box.
  • Look for a tab on the left side of the cartridge and bend it to break it loose.
  • Pull the tab so that the tape gets removed from the cartridge.
  • Now rock the toner back and forth to distribute the toner evenly.
  • Place the printer cartridge and shut the cartridge door.

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer Firmware Download Update

  • Updating the firmware of the laserjet P2015 printer is essential. Refer to the instructions given below to perform the same.
  • Before you begin, ascertain that your printer is turned on and linked to the computer.
  • Visit HP Customer Care and select Let’s identify your product to get started.
  • Select Printer, key in the model number of the printer and select Submit.
  • Change the version of Windows after choosing it and click Change.
  • Now select Firmware and choose Download.
  • Wait for the update and 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer setup to complete.

HP Laserjet P2015 Printing Issues

Printer issues are prone to occur over a period of time. Refer to the topics below to get an idea of how to resolve certain common printer issues. Get solutions to resolve problems such as printer error lights glowing, printer not responding, install the driver without CD, printer offline, steps to reset IP address and device unable to connect to a network.

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer Error Lights

  • The blinking lights on the printer show the printer status of the device.
  • These lights can either turn on or off depending on the status of the printer.
  • If all the lights are off, try turning on the device by pushing the power button.
  • Check whether the attention light is switched off and ready light is turned on.
  • This indicates that the product is ready to print.
  • If these two lights start blinking, it indicates that the product is initializing.
  • A blinking ready light shows that the printer is receiving or processing data.

HP Laserjet P2015 Printer not responding

  • Check the status of the device. If it is in Sleep mode make sure to press any button on it to get it back to an active state.
  • Reset the print environment. Wait for the printer to remain silent and idle, detach the USB cable from the printer’s rear.
  • You need to disconnect all cables that are connected to the printer with the exception of the Power cable.
  • Lastly, detach the power cable from the printer’s rear when the printer is turned on. Check if the latest printer driver is installed on your computer.
  • A portion of the reset process is done.
  • Make sure to wait for about half a minute and reconnect the cable.
  • Now the printer will switch on automatically and the reset process completes. If it doesn’t turn on automatically, push the power button of the device gently.

Install HP Laserjet P2015 Printer without CD

  • One way of installing the HP laserjet p2015 printer without the CD is by using a USB cable.
  • Turn on the printer and click Start on your computer.
  • Type Printers & Scanners and the system will search for the list of devices on your computer.
  • Open Printers & Scanners and select the Plus symbol.
  • Select your 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer’s name from the Add a printer or scanner window.
  • If the printer model is not present in the list, it means that the device is not connected properly.
  • Uninstall the driver and begin the driver setup properly.

HP Laserjet p2015 Printer is Offline

  • The printer offline error can occur due to a poor connection between your printer and network.
  • Verify if your printer and computer are linked together.
  • Check the connectivity of the printer using the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. Install the tool on your computer. Open it and run the diagnostics.
  • Also, run certain advanced troubleshooting operations on the printer properly.
  • Check if the printer is linked to the network.
  • Ensure that the router provides a stable internet connection.
  • Set the printer as default manually.

HP Laserjet p2015 reset IP Address

  • Resetting the IP address of the printer is simple, perform the steps below.
  • Go to your computer and open the command prompt window under Administrator mode.
  • Key in ipconfig /release push Enter and a list of addresses display.
  • Now enter ipconfig /renew and push Enter.
  • The DHCP server will display a new IP address.

Cannot connect Print LaserJet P2015 network

  • Check whether the printer’s WI-Fi feature works properly.
  • Inspect the router to ensure that the internet access is stable.
  • Check if the latest 123.hp.com/ljp2015 printer driver is installed on your computer.
  • Inspect the router’s bandwidth and change it if required.
  • If the router is unable to provide a stable connection, contact your ISP (Internet service provider) for further help.
  • There may also be an issue with the Embedded Web Server, go to server properties and check the settings.