HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Setup

Bought a new HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer from Best Buy and looking for a simple and quick guide to set it up? If yes, this page is for you.This black and white printer is designed for small business printing needs. It is more reliable and enables you to set up, manage, and fix printer issues remotely using the HP Smart Admin Dashboard and the HP Smart app. You can perform effortless and smart printing with out-of-the-box HP Wolf Pro Security and the intelligence of HP+.Like other HP LaserJet Pro printers, this printer’s setup is straightforward to perform. Go ahead and read the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe unboxing and setup instructions given below to know more about the same.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Setup

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Unboxing Setup

Three simple steps for setting up your new HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer are given below.

Preparing The Printer For Setup

  • Begin the setup by preparing your printer for the same.
  • Unpack the product box. You can find the new HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer, original HP 138A black toner cartridge, a power cord, and printer-related guides, such as a setup guide and references guide, inside the box.
  • Now, unpack your printer completely by removing all the packing tapes and unwanted materials from it.
  • Once you have done the unpacking, move the printer to a neat, stable surface and turn it on.
  • Use only the power cord that’s shipped with the printer to connect it directly to your electrical outlet.

Performing The Hardware Setup

  • Prepared your printer? If yes, load paper and install the toner cartridges to complete the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer’s hardware setup.
  • This laser printer supports glossy paper, plain paper, labels, envelopes, cardstock, film, and postcards.
  • You can choose one from the above-recommended list and load it into the input tray. The input tray of this laser printer can hold up to 250 sheets of paper at a time.
  • After loading the paper, unpack the original HP 138A black toner cartridge and install it on your printer.

Completing The HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Setup

  • As mentioned earlier, this printer has a built-in remote setup and HP smart admin dashboard.
  • Complete the rest of the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe setup using one of these options.
    Completing The Hp Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Setup

Using The HP Smart App

    Using The Hp Smart App
  • Install and open the app on your computer or smartphone.
  • The app will automatically detect your printer since it is in Wi-Fi Setup mode. (This mode activates when you turn on your printer for the first time and last for 2 hours from the time you switch on the printer).
  • You can complete the rest of the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe setup by following the on-screen prompts.

Using The HP Smart Admin Dashboard

  • Download the HP Easy Start software and run it on your computer.
  • Ensure that your HP LaserJet printer is powered on and is in setup mode.
  • The software will detect your printer and display its name on the screen since it is in setup mode. Select your printer from the detected printers’ list and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to the wireless network.
  • Once the HP+ printer is connected to the network, the Print your pairing code screen will open. Click on the Print Pairing Code button on the opened screen. Now, your printer will start printing a page that includes the pairing code.
  • Now, go to the HP Smart Admin Dashboard page. Here, you have to enter and verify your HP account to continue with the process.
  • Once your account is verified, the screen titled, ‘How do you want to set up this printer?’ will open.
  • Choose the account type and click Continue. Perform the on-screen prompts.
  • Enter your printer’s pairing code in the given field when prompted.
  • Complete the rest of the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe setup using the HP Smart Admin Dashboard by following the on-screen prompts.

We hope you find the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe setup instructions above useful.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Driver Download And Install

Driver Download

  • Downloading the most compatible and latest printer driver for an OS type is somehow a time-consuming job.
  • So, we have made the driver download process easier to help our users save valuable time in performing the same task.
  • Click on the driver download button below if you want to download the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer driver for your Windows or Mac computer in a single click.
  • Now, the most compatible and latest printer driver available for your OS type will start downloading.

Driver Installation

  • Installing the printer driver is quite similar to installing an application on your computer.
  • Begin the driver installation process by ensuring that your printer is powered on.
  • Run the printer’s installer file from the Downloads folder on your computer.
  • You have to accept the HP printer’s license agreement to continue with the driver installation. So, accept it when prompted.
  • Like the HP Smart app, the printer’s full feature software can also detect printers in Wireless Setup Mode or connected to the same network as your computer.
  • When the installer file detects your printer, select and confirm it to continue with the installation process.
  • Install the necessary drivers and connect your printer to the computer by following the on-screen prompts.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Manual Download

  • Do you want to download the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer manual in a single click from this page?
  • If yes, click on the button below.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Wireless Setup

Set up your HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer over a wireless network in no time by following the simple instructions below.

  • The Wi-Fi setup is made easier with the HP Smart app.
  • Put the printer in the Wi-Fi setup mode or connect it to the same wireless network as your computer or smartphone and open the app.
  • The app will guide you to detect and connect your printer to the computer or smartphone over a wireless network.
  • Restore your printer’s network settings to default if the Wi-Fi setup mode is deactivated or disabled on the machine. You can do this by holding the Wi-Fi button on the printer’s control panel for three seconds.
  • You can also use the HP printer’s full feature software to perform the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe Wi-Fi setup.
  • Before you begin, ensure that the USB or Ethernet (network) cable is not connected from your printer to the computer or network device.
  • Run the full feature software. When you reach the Connection Options screen, choose the Wireless option.
  • Complete the rest of the Wi-Fi setup by following the on-screen instructions.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Print Setup

If your printer is completely prepared for printing, you don’t have to worry about issues that may arise when performing the printing operation. Follow the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe print setup instructions below to prepare your printer for the print operation.

Complete The Initial Setup

Ensure that:

  • Your printer is powered on.
  • The input tray is loaded with the recommended paper type.
  • The original toner cartridge that is shipped with the product box is installed on your printer.
  • The most compatible and full feature printer software is installed on your computer.
  • The printer and your Windows or Mac computer (or smartphone) are connected to the same network.

Configure/modify The Print Settings

You can go with the default print settings or modify them as per your needs before beginning the print operation. If you want to change the default print settings, read the instructions given below and execute them as instructed.

For Windows

  • Open the original you want to print on the application that supports the Print function.
  • Click on the Print menu or option.
  • Now, the Print dialog box that lets you modify the print settings will open.
  • Choose your printer model from the Printer drop-down menu in the opened Print dialog box.
  • You can also configure the basic print settings in the same box, such as the number of print copies, print types, etc.
  • If you want to check and modify the layout, print quality, and printing shortcuts settings, click on the More Settings, Printer Properties, or Preferences button.
  • Now, the printer properties dialog box enabling you to do the same will open.
  • Configure the settings as per your needs.
  • Click on the Advanced button in the Printer Properties dialog box if you want to configure the other settings too.

For Mac

  • Open the page or document on your Mac computer.
  • Click on File followed by Print.
  • This will open the Print window.
  • Ensure that your printer is selected correctly in the opened window.
  • After doing that, configure the presets, the number of copies, media type, print quality, etc., as per your preferences in the same window.
  • Finally, click Print to print the selected page or document with the configured print settings.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting solutions for printer-related problems range from simple to advanced, based on the causes. This HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe troubleshooting section covers the possible troubleshooting methods that help you resolve the printer problems, such as printer not printing, printer offline, and paper jam. Read and execute the solutions given below to troubleshoot your printer problems.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Not Printing

Is your HP LaserJet Pro printer not printing or responding to the print operation? Then, try these workarounds to resolve it.

  • If your printer is powered off when performing the print operation, there is a chance for this problem to occur. Turn on your printer if it is powered off.
  • Connect the printer to your computer or smartphone. The printer will not be able to receive the print or other printer-related requests sent from your computer if the machine is not connected to it. Check and connect the devices to the same network.
  • If the printer’s input tray is empty or loaded with an incompatible media type, there are more chances for this problem to occur. Ensure that the input tray has enough paper to perform the print operation.
  • Check the printer status. The printer will not respond to the printer-related operation if it is facing hardware or software issues. Go to the HP Smart Admin Dashboard and check if an alert message relating to your printer is displayed. If yes, perform the on-screen instructions to clear it.
  • Reconfigure the print settings. Failing to choose the correct printer model can also lead to these kinds of problems. Open the Printer Properties dialog box and check if your printer is selected. If not, select it, and print the selected document to check whether this print issue is resolved. If not, contact us.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Offline

Are you receiving the ‘HP printer is offline’ error message when trying to print a document? If yes, try these three simple troubleshooting solutions one by one to clear it.

  • Change the printer status. Click OK on the opened error screen to close it. Now, check the printer status on your computer. If the status is displayed as offline, it means the Use Printer Offline option is enabled, or the Use Printer Online option is disabled. Check and disable or enable the necessary option to bring your printer online.
  • Restart the printer. Most printer problems occur due to some hidden bugs on it.
  • You can resolve them by restarting the printer. Restart your HP LaserJet printer and check if the offline problem is resolved.
  • Run the diagnosis & fix it. You can use the HP Smart app installed on your computer to resolve these kinds of errors.
  • Open the app. Click on the Diagnose & Fix icon or click Printers > Diagnose & Fix to troubleshoot the offline printer problem.

HP Laserjet Pro 3001dwe Paper Jam

Clear the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe paper jam problem using the two simple steps discussed below.

  • Restart the printer. If the paper jam message appears suddenly, restart your printer. After doing that, check if the paper jam message is displayed on the computer screen. If yes, check and remove the jammed paper.
  • Remove the jammed paper. In most cases, the paper jam occurs in the input tray and in the toner cartridge access area. So, look for the jammed paper in these parts. If you find the jammed paper, remove it using your hands.


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