HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Setup

Ready to experience the next level of printing? If so, the new HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne printer will be the ideal choice. This single-function laser printer is designed to handle high-volume print jobs for small and medium businesses. The setup process for this printer is easy. So, read through the steps below to complete the setup process in no time.

HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Setup

Unboxing Setup

HP LaserJet 4001ne Setup – Using The HP Smart Admin Dashboard

  • Ensure that your printer is powered on. Run the HP Easy Start software on your computer.
  • Connect your HP+ printer to a wireless network by following the on-screen instructions. Update your printer’s firmware if prompted, and in case an update is available.
  • The ‘Print your pairing code’ screen will open once your printer’s firmware is updated. Click on the Print Pairing Code button to get your printer’s pairing code.
  • The printer might take a few seconds or minutes to print a page with the pairing code. So, wait patiently for the printer to finish printing.
  • Once the page is printed, go to the HP Smart Admin Dashboard page.
  • Reach the ‘How do you want to set up this printer?’ screen by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Choose the Managed by my company or organization option or the Personal printer option on the opened screen and click Continue.
  • Now, a screen will open based on your selection. Perform the on-screen instructions to assign ownership to the printer.
  • Once it is done, a screen prompting you to enter the pairing code will open. Enter the code and click Continue.
  • Complete the rest of your HP 4001ne setup using the HP Smart Admin Dashboard by following the on-screen instructions.

Establishing The Connection

The printer comes with the HP Smart Admin Dashboard. You can use this dashboard to establish the connection between your HP LaserJet Pro printer and computer. As an alternative method, you can download the printer driver for Windows or Mac from the official HP site and use it to install the printer on your computer. But, before you begin the setup, choose the connectivity type you wish to use. This printer supports two connectivity options, Ethernet and USB. Choose the connection type of your preferences and follow the instructions below.

  • If you wish to use the Ethernet connection type, connect your printer to the network device using the Ethernet cable.
  • If you wish to use the USB connection, connect your HP LaserJet printer directly to your Windows/Mac computer using a USB cable.
  • Next, open the default browser on your computer.
  • Go to the HP Smart Admin Dashboard page.
  • If prompted, enter your HP account credentials in the given fields.
  • Click on the Sign-up command on the Sign in with your HP account screen if you don’t have the HP account and create one.
  • Once you sign in to the HP Smart Admin Dashboard successfully, a new screen will open.
  • Go to the Printers tab. Complete the rest of the HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne setup by following the on-screen instructions.
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You can also reach our technical expert team if you need further assistance in setting up your printer for the first time.

Download And Install HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Driver

Driver Download

  • Using an incompatible driver to install the printer on your computer might lead to installation-related problems.
  • Therefore, you should always install the recent software compatible with your OS on your computer.
  • However, getting the software from HP’s official website is time-consuming.
  • In order to help you out with this trouble, we have given you the compatible driver on this page itself. Just click the Driver Download button below.
  • Now, the HP printer drivers available for your Windows or Mac computer will start downloading.
  • Once the compatible printer driver is downloaded, begin the software installation as discussed below.

Driver Install

  • Once you download the software for your LaserJet Pro 4001ne printer, you can proceed with the installation.
  • Locate the setup file in your Downloads folder and run the file.
  • If you install it on a Mac, you need to provide its administrator password in the appropriate field. For a Windows computer, you should click Yes when User Account Control pops up.
  • Also, read and accept the license agreement of the printer when prompted.
  • Install the printer and its driver on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.

HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Manual Download

  • Looking for a soft copy of the your HP 4001ne printer manual? If yes, click the Manual Download button below to download it from this page.
  • Now, the soft copy of your printer manual will start downloading.
  • After the manual is downloaded, open and utilize it as per your needs.

USB Setup

Here we have shown you how to perform the HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne USB setup in detail.

  • Before you begin the USB setup, get the USB cable that is recommended for your printer model.
  • Using the right cable is very important. Why? It helps you avoid problems when performing the setup.
  • After getting the cable you need, download the HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne setup file for your Windows or Mac computer from this page if you don’t have it.
  • Now, run the downloaded setup file on your computer.
  • Install the basic printer drivers by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the drivers are installed, the Connection Options screen will open.
  • Here, choose the USB Connection option and click Next.
  • Now, the screen prompting you to connect the USB cable (that is recommended for your printer model) from the printer’s USB port to your computer’s USB port will open.
  • Do the same as instructed on the opened screen to complete the HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne setup process successfully.
  • The screen with the ‘Congratulations! Setup is complete’ message will open once the printer is installed on your computer.

Print Setup

  • Before beginning the print operation, check whether the printer is ready for the same. This will help you avoid so many printer problems, such as ‘printer not printing,’ printer is offline,’ ‘printer not responding,’ etc.
  • Now, start the HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne print setup by ensuring the following.
  • The printer is powered on, and your computer or smartphone is connected to it.
  • The recommended paper type is loaded into the input tray of your printer.
  • The Original HP toner cartridge is installed properly on your printer.
  • The most compatible and latest printer drivers are installed on your Windows or Mac computer.

Configuring The Print Settings

Almost all the print settings are the same. However, it may vary on different Operating Systems running a computer. Here, let’s see how to configure the print settings for your HP 4001ne printer on Windows and Mac computers.

In Windows

  • Launch the application that supports the print function.
  • Open the document or photo you want to print on the application from the File menu or using the Ctrl + O button combo.
  • After opening the original, you want to print, open the Print dialog box by clicking the Print button or using the Ctrl + P button combo.
  • Now, the Print window will open. Ensure that your printer model is selected correctly.
  • If you’re okay with the default print settings, click Print.
  • If you want to change the orientation, margins, paper types, layout, etc., click on the Page Setup command below the Settings section. Now click on the Print button.”>

On Macintosh

  • Open the original that you want to print on the application that supports the Print function.
  • Go to the Print settings dialog box.
  • Check if your printer model is selected correctly. If not, choose it from the Printer drop-down menu.
  • Modify the number of pages, two-sided, media type, and other settings as per your needs.
  • Finally, click on the Print button.

HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Troubleshooting

Some printer problems are so annoying, and they occur unexpectedly. Most issues occur when you fail to perform the HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne printer setup correctly, or you misconfigure the print settings. This HP 4001ne troubleshooting section shows you how to troubleshoot three common printer problems.

HP LaserJet Pro Not Printing (4001ne)– Three Fixes To Try

Is your HP LaserJet printer not responding to the print operation? If yes, try these three simple troubleshooting solutions to fix it.

Check The Printer Status

  • If your printer is not prepared for the print operation, is not connected to your smartphone or computer, or the machine is facing some issues, there is a chance for this problem to occur.
  • So, check your printer status.
  • To do so, go to the HP Smart Admin Dashboard.
  • Click on the Home tab.
  • Here you can find your printer’s connectivity and other statuses.
  • If the dashboard displays an alert message, try to learn more about it and perform the necessary techniques to resolve it.

Reconfigure The Print Settings

  • In some cases, misconfigured print settings might also lead to these kinds of problems.
  • Open the Print window or dialog box, and check whether your printer is selected. If not, select it.
  • Also, check and reconfigure the paper type, print type, etc., as per your needs.

Restart The Devices

  • If your printer is not responding to the print command due to some small bugs, you can resolve it by restarting the machine.
  • If the printer is not printing over a network connection, restart your computer and the network device (router) along with the printer.

HP LaserJet Pro Printer Offline – Let’s Fix It Together

‘Printer is offline.’ Many users like you receive this error message. It occurs when your printer is not ready for print operation or if there is a problem with the printer settings. Try these simple troubleshooting instructions to resolve the ‘Printer is offline’ error.

  • Switch on your printer. If the printer is turned off when performing the print operation, there is a chance for this problem to pop up. So, check and turn on your printer.
  • Resolve the communication problem. When the printer fails to receive the print request sent from your computer, the Printer Is Offline error message is displayed on the screen. This communication problem occurs if your printer and the computer are connected to different networks.
  • So, disconnect and reconnect the devices to the same network.
  • Reinstall the printer driver if you have installed an outdated one.
  • Use the Diagnose & Fix feature on the HP Smart app to detect and resolve the offline printer error.

HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne Paper Jam – Quick Solutions

  • Ensure that you have loaded the recommended paper into the tray.
  • Remove some papers from the tray if it is overloaded.
  • Ensure that you have unpacked your printer completely.
  • Now, if the paper is jammed in the input tray, remove it gently using your hands.


So this HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne printer setup guide made you set up your printer, install the driver, perform various functions, and troubleshoot problems. Now, you could have learned how to handle your HP 4001ne printer in all circumstances. Also, we have a guide for the printer HP LASERJET PRO 4001DNE. For further clarifications and doubts, reach us through the call option given on this page. We ensure a quick response. Get your doubts clarified in minutes.