HP Laserjet Pro M426fdn Printer

  •   Supports USB and Ethernet network.
  •   Scan to email or computer.
  •   Print resolution up to 600 dpi.
  •   Automatically print 2-sided documents.
  •   Duty cycle up to 80,000 pages.
  •   Compatible with ePrint, AirPrint and Cloud Print.
  •   Supports both Windows and Mac operating system.

HP Laserjet Pro M426FDN printer

How to Install

Check the requirements to prepare for the network connection setup and driver installation and then switch on the HP Laserjet Pro M426FDN printer. Make use of the components that had been shipped with the printer. You can use the installation CD to install the printer driver and software. If it doesn’t work, uninstall the existing driver and install it again. You can also download the compatible driver from our website. Insert the ink cartridges in their respective slots. You can also use the USB cable to form a connection between your printer and PC. Install your 123.hp.com/ljprom426fdn printer with the help of the guidelines below.

Unbox setup

  • Step 1 :   Open the Scanner lid and position the alignment page on the scanner glass. It must be positioned according to the conferred guides around the scanner glass.
  • Step 2 :   As the contents may vary by country/region view the back of the box. Now, connect the power cable to the printer and the electrical outlet.
  • Step 3 :   After switching on the HP Laserjet Pro M426fdn printer, set the language and country/region and select Basic Settings. Type the Date in the correct two-digit format and then tap OK.Now, make sure that you type the time in the correct format, HH: MM (02:45), then set AM or PM and then choose the OK option.
  • Step 4 :   Load a plain and white paper in the main paper tray and then you need to ensure that the paper-width guide slides to its outermost position.
  • Step 5 :   It is recommended to ascertain that you place the stack of paper print-side down along the right side of the paper tray and then move on to the next step.
  • Step 6 :   Verify if the stack of paper aligns with the right and back edges of the tray and fits below the line marking in the tray.
  • Step 7 :   Now, remove the new cartridge from its package and take out the tape from it. Ascertain that you place the cartridges into their respective slots.Shut the front access door, then select Setup on the printer’s control panel and then choose the Align Cartridge option. Click OK.

If You Have any Queries About Installation

HP Laserjet Pro M426FDN Printer Support

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Printer function


You can easily print documents, photos or any items from your HP Laserjet Pro m426fdn printer to your computer or any device.


With this option, you can scan any document or image that gives you an additional benefit of storing the items for future purposes.


You can easily copy and store your documents on your OS. All you need is to alter and save the settings by following the on-screen instructions.


You can send the printed document or photo to the recipient without an internet connection provided your recipient should contain faxing.

Driver manual download

In certain circumstances, once you complete the printer setup, you may be unable to print even after installing the printer driver. This denotes that you need to install an updated printer driver and software compatible with your PC and HP Laserjet Pro M426fdn printer. You can also refer the printer manual for any clarifications. Note that the driver file for Windows system will be in the .exe format and for your Mac system, .dmg is the format of the driver file. The guidelines to download the driver for both Windows and Mac are here. Get to know how to install the driver on your system by following the instructions that are given below.

For windows

  •    In the lower-left corner of the desktop, you need to select the Start button. Note that through the Windows update utility, Windows 10 easily manages your driver updates.
  •    On the left side of the Start menu, select the Settings button. Now, tap Update & security. In case you are unable to notice this option, tap Home in the upper-left corner.
  •    In the navigation menu on the left side of the window, choose the Windows Update option. Now, click updates option so that Windows checks for any available updates, including updated drivers.
  •    To download the updates, click Install updates. Sometimes you may be prompted to restart after updates are installed. Once the driver update process is complete, you may notice Windows has successfully updated your driver software window.
  •    Now, choose the Close button. Also, close Device Manager and then reboot your computer, even if you’re not prompted to do so. Choose the desired network connection and the apt print job.

For Mac

  •    After selecting the printer model from the list that appears on the panel, ensure that the OS version is correct. To get the updates of the driver for your Mac hardware, tap the Apple menu.
  •    To open the Updates tab in the App Store, click the App Store option. The available updates for your hardware will be listed here. You can now move on to the next step.
  •    To download the available updates, select the Update All button. Now, select the just install any available driver updates option. Ascertain that you wait for the updates to download and install.
  •    Follow the on-screen instructions to download the driver. Note that in certain circumstances, your PC may prompt to restart after the installation process is complete. You can now move on to the next step.
  •    Tap the Add printer option, then choose the desired network connection and then based on the print job select the apt printer function. For any further information, you can reach us on the Toll-free number.


Lines or Streaks When Copying or Scanning From the ADF

You need to check if the issue occurs when using the ADF glass or the flatbed glass. Clean the ADF glass and white strip on the underside of the scanner lid with a soft, lint-free cloth. On the ADF glass, isolate the location of the debris. If the issue persists, clean the duplex scanner glass. Shut the ADF lid and try to copy or scan.

resolve print quality issues

Ascertain that you use genuine HP ink cartridges. You can use an automated tool to resolve this issue if you find any smears of ink on the back of your printouts. Make sure that the print settings are appropriate for your print job and then print a Print Quality Diagnostic report to evaluate the results.

HP Laserjet Pro M426fdn Printer troubleshooting