Laserjet Pro m521dn Mobile Printing

The HP Laserjet Pro m521 supports mobile printing. You need a device which supports wireless connectivity. This device supports AirPrint and ePrint. It also lets you print from iPhones and Android devices. Go with the instructions given in the topics below to perform HP Laserjet Pro m521dn Mobile Printing.

HP Laserjet Pro m521dn Airprint setup

  • Make sure to commence the AirPrint setup on the Laserjet pro m521 printer by performing the steps below.
  • Download and install the AirPrint application on your apple device.
  • Connect your printer and system to the same wireless network.
  • Open the application and select the file or image to be printed.
  • Click or tap the plus and minus signs to increase or decrease the number of copies.
  • Now select Print and the image gets printed.

HP Laserjet Pro m521dn ePrint Setup

  • Select the HP ePrint button on the control panel of your computer.
  • Select setup and perform the instructions on the screen to enable Web Services. Connect your computer to the internet.
  • Note the printer’s email address in the Web Services menu.
  • Open an email client on your computer and select Compose.
  • Enter the email in the To field and select Send.
  • The document or photo needs to be attached to the email.
  • Now select Send and the printer starts printing.
  • You can print from any location using ePrint, provided you have a computer or HP Laserjet Pro m521dn Mobile Printing connected to the internet.

How to Print from iphone to HP Laserjet Pro m521dn

  • Get the latest version of HP Smart from the Apple Store.
  • Once the application has installed, select the image or file you need to print.
  • Select the image or file to be printed.
  • Make the required changes to the document and start HP Laserjet Pro m521dn Mobile Printing.

Print from iphone to HP Laserjet Pro m521dn