HP Officejet 4652 Fax Printer Setup


Faxing is a process of sending a document from one fax enabled printer to another HP Officejet 4652 Fax – enabled printer. This is mainly used for commercial purpose.It keeps your confidential documents secure. You will be able to send the documents to the sender instantly. Trail the steps below which helps you to setup the fax -enabled printer.

  •    Organize the printer with an active telephone landline connection,seat the cartridges,insert paper into the input tray and telephone cord.
  •    Detach the telephone devices from the phone jack where the printer is linked and yellow -plug(2-EXT) from the printer’s rear.
  •    Disconnect the answering machine phone cable from the phone jack and then link the answering machine on the printer’s rear.
  •    Link one end of the phone cable with the printer to the phone jack and other end of the port(1-LINE) on the hindside of the 123.hp.com/oj4652 printer.
  •    Ensure that you use the phone cord that came with the printer to associate with the printer to the telephone wall jack.

  •    Tap on the Setup icon on the home screen of the control panel of the printer.Tap HP OJ4652 Fax Setup->Setup Wizard for setting up the printer.
  •    Include the phone contacts to the fax phone book,Tap Fax->Send Now.Tap on the Phone Book icon and tap + to include contacts.
  •    Tap Setup->Fax Setup->Preferences->Dial Type->Tone or Pulse to customize the dial type that is similar to the type of dialing on the phone.
  •    Customize the fax speed to slow ,medium or fast.When customizing the fax speed to a slower setting helps you to avoid fax failures.
  •    Customize the fax volume to Soft.loud or Off.If necessary,you can also set a fax header and then try to run a fax test to examine the setup process.

Instructions on How to Send a HP OJ4652 Fax

Look through the steps below which provides you a clear idea on how to send a fax from the scanner glass or from the Automatic Document Feeder. In scanner glass,you will be able to scan only a single document. For multiple pages scanning,utilize the Automatic Document Feeder.

  •    Try to send a fax from the scanner glass when you need to scan a single document,in case the paper is not standard paper
  •    Elevate the scanner lid and then position the document or photo with the printed side down on the of the scanner glass for scanning.
  •    While scanning,make sure that the document or photo placed on the scanner glass is aligned based on the engraved guides.

  •    Now,seal the scanner lid. Tap on the HP Officejet 4652 Fax option from the home screen on the control panel of the printer to begin the faxing process.
  •    With the help of numeric keypad,enter the fax number in the Enter Fax number:fields or use a saved number from the Phone Book.
  •    Tap on Black or Color option to send the fax based on the user’s requirements. You can send the fax in Black or Color option.

Sending a 123 HP OJ4652 Fax from the ADF

  •    Move the paper width guides to their outermost positions.In case you need to fax several pages,try to use Automatic Document Feeder.
  •    Place the stack of papers on a flat surface to avoid uneven arrangement of the papers.Flip the document with the print side down.
  •    Insert the document or photo such that the top edge of the document moves in first and then adjust the paper width guides inwards.

  •    When the paper is inserted in the ADF,the 123.hp.com/setup 4652 printer indicates the loaded paper with a dinging sound and message on the control panel.
  •    Tap the fax icon from the home screen on the control panel of the printer. Enter the fax number using the numeric keypad.
  •    In the Enter HP Officejet 4652 Fax number:field or use a saved number from the Phone Book using the numeric keypad.Tap Black or Color.