HP Officejet 4652 Wireless Setup


123 HP OJ4652 Setup – Windows

Step 1: Organize the requirements

  •    Ascertain that the printer,system and computer are switched on.
  •    Setup the printer over the HP Officejet 4652 Wireless network with an Internet access
  •    Shut all the temporary application running in the background.

Step 2: Install the printer software

  •    Go to the download page to get the latest printer driver for your computer.
  •    Once the driver is downloaded,choose the connection type as Wireless and then select the Next icon.
  •    If you are using software installation CD,place the CD into the computer’s disc drive and then access the .exe setup file to finish the installation.

Step 3: Connect to the Wireless Network

  •    Once the installation process is finished,on the system HP Auto Wireless Connect window displays and then press Next.
  •    Utilize the on-screen guidelines to finish the wireless network setup.After the primary printer setup,use Auto Wireless Connect on the computer.
  •    Choose the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel. Select Settings->Wireless setup Wizard to finish the Wireless Network Setup.

123 HP OJ4652 Setup – MAC

Step 1:Organize the prerequisites

  •    Configure the printer over the 123 HP OJ4652 wireless network with an Internet access.
  •    Make sure that the printer,system and router are powered up.
  •    Keep the printer and system close to the router for maximum signal strength.

Step 2:Install the printer software.

  •    Power up the 123.hp.com/oj4652 printer.If the printer is connected to the system using the USB cable,detach it.
  •    Visit our website,choose a method to find the printer mode,if urged.Trail the guidelines to move to downloads page.Select the Download option adjacent to the full feature driver or select Basic Drivers for other options.

Step 3: Connect to the Wireless network

  •    For primary setup,use the Auto Wireless Connect by choosing the printer’s name and then click Continue.
  •    Take the aid of the guidelines mentioned on the screen to finish the software installation and HP Officejet 4652 Wireless network setup for the printer.
  •    Tap Wireless icon->Settings->Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer’s control panel.Utilize the prompts mentioned on the screen to complete the installation.