HP Officejet 5252 Print Functions

Here are few simple steps to print a document or photo from your HP Officejet 5252 printer.

how to print on HP OfficeJet 5252 printer

  •    To print a document or image, first, add the printer to your computer.
  •    Open the text application or image viewer from which you wish to print the content.
  •    Go to the File menu, locate the Print option in the drop-down and click on it.
  •    If it is a Windows computer, to alter the settings, click Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences.
  •    Modify the layout and paper settings for the current print job and finally click OK, to save the settings.
  •    Click on Print and wait for the printer to produce the output.
  •    If it is a photo, remove the plain paper and insert the photo paper into the input tray.
  •    Open the Photo with Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  •    Click on Print Fileand then click Print.
  •     Open the Document Properties window for more Print settings.

how to scan from HP OfficeJet 5252 printer

Scanning from your computer or mobile is made easy with the instructions provided below. Go through them thoroughly and perform the scan quickly.

how to scan from HP OfficeJet 5252 printer

  •    Install HP Smart from the Google Play Store app if you have an Android device.
  •    Ensure that your printer and Android phone is connected to a common wireless network.
  •    Launch the app and add your printer.
  •    Check if your printer name displays and then proceed to scan the required file.
  •     Place and position the doc or photo for scanning on the scanner glass or in the ADF tray.
  •    Touch a Scan tile.
  •    Select the input source such as color, black & white, and resolution by tapping the Settings icon.
  •    Touch the Scan option.
  •    Press the Add Pages icon to scan multi-pages.
  •     Perform the same steps if you wish to scan another doc or photo.
  •     You can even scan using the camera of your mobile device.
  •     Talk to our experts if you face an issue while scanning.

How to scan from HP OfficeJet 5252 printer to computer

  •    Download and install the HP Scan Software from the full feature driver you avail from us.
  •    Mount the document or photo either using the scanner glass or automatic document feeder tray.
  •    Look for HP on your system through Windows search and then choose your printer.
  •    After you select your printer, the HP Printer Assistant tool opens.
  •    Click on Scan and then click on the Scan a Document or Photo option.
  •    Now the HP Scan application opens.
  •    Create or select a Scan shortcut and modify the necessary scan settings.
  •    Click on the Scan tab and wait for the item to scan.

how to copy on HP OfficeJet 5252 printer

With the instruction given below, you can learn how to do a single copy and copy on both sides of a page instantly.

  •    Let us see how to copy from the printer if it has a touch-screen panel.
  •    Align the document on the scanner glass or ADF according to your preference.
  •    Tap Copy, Copy Document, or Copy Photo on your printer control panel and then alter any minimum settings if needed.
  •    Tap Settings for advanced copy settings.
  •     Choose Two-sided copy in the same settings option.
  •    Alter even more parameters such as quality, tray selection, ID copy, collate, restore factory defaults if needed.
  •    Tap Start or Back symbol on the main Copy screen and then tap Start Black, Start Color, or OK to begin copying.
  •    If you have a printer that contains buttons on its panel, refer to our user manual.

how to fax from HP OfficeJet 5252 printer

Know how to send fax using your HP Officejet 5252 printer with the simple steps provided below.

  •    Whenever you fax, you need to keep the recipient’s name ready.
  •    Inform the recipient to await your fax.
  •    Place the fax document or photo on the scanner glass or document feeder.
  •    If you are using a scanner glass, let the text face down on the scanner glass.
  •    Insert a plain paper in the input tray. Check if the phone line is not in use currently.
  •    Include the area code while you dial the recipient’s number from the printer.
  •    Press either the Black, Color or Send button to initiate the fax.
  •    Wait until you hear high-pitch sounds for the fax sent confirmation and the printer prints a fax report.