Quick Solutions HP Officejet 5255 troubleshooting

why is my HP OfficeJet 5255 printer offline

HP Officejet 5255 troubleshooting

  • If you are connected wirelessly, ensure that the router’s connection is active.
  • Download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor on your computer.
  • Run the tool and diagnose the printer offline issue.
  • If prompted to perform system updates, select Turn on printer updates and then choose Yes.
  • Make your printer as default if prompted.
  • You can also use other third-party apps to diagnose and resolve the offline issue.

Why is HP OfficeJet 5255 printer not printing black ink & Color Ink

  • Access the cartridge area of the printer by opening the access door.
  • Inspect the cartridge area to check for paper jams and remove the bits of paper stuck inside.
  • Place your finger over that cartridge and check if anyone is uneven.
  • If so, remove and re-seat the cartridge properly.
  • Check the ink level of the cartridge and replace the back ink cartridge if required.
  • Clean page smears using the suitable option on the printer’s control panel.

Solution for HP OfficeJet 5255 Paper Jam Issue

  • Use a flashlight and look for jammed bits of paper in the input tray of your Envy 5525 printer.
  • Remove them carefully.
  • Open the cartridge access door, inspect the carriage, rollers, and other components for paper bits and remove them.
  • Also, look into the document feeder and other areas for stuck paper and discard them.
  • Remove the rear access panel of the printer, look for jammed paper, and remove them.

Why is HP OfficeJet 5255 Won’t Scan

  1. Check if the scanner laser is working properly.
  2. If not, replace the laser by visiting an authorized store.
  3. Open the scanner lid and inspect the glass for cracks.
  4. Even a small crack can hamper the scanning process of your device.
  5. Check if the printer firmware is up to date, if not, update it.
  6. Most scan issues can be sorted out after performing a 123.hp.com/oj5252 printer reset.
  7. So, refer to the how to factory reset my Envy 5255 printer section to learn more.