HP Officejet 6812 Ink Cartridges

HP Officejet 6812 Ink Cartridges are one of the mandatory parts of the printer. You can print from the Officejet 6812 printer in black and color cartridges. Make use of the Instant Ink feature to save your ink up to 70%.While you are trying to print from the printer, the printer displays low ink level notifications displays on the control panel of the printer. In certain cases,you will not be able to view the ink level. To view the ink level,it is necessary to install certain software for the printer for both Windows and Mac operating system.

Checking HP 6812 Ink Levels

You need to examine the ink level or toner level of the HP OJ6812 ink cartridge for Windows and Mac operating system. In certain situations,with low ink level, you can print from the printer in draft mode. But in worst cases,you will not be able to print from the printer if the ink level is very low notification displays on the control panel.

Step 1:Examine ink level for Windows

  •    Verify the ink or toner level for Officejet 6812 printer linked to the Windows operating system,initially,ensure that the printer is switched on and linked to the system.
  •    Browse Windows for HP,and then select the name of the printer from the list of available results.In case HP Solution Center exhibits in the results,choose it from the list.
  •    On the HP Solution Center window,examine the estimated ink or toner levels on the home window of the printer software.

Step 1:Examine Ink level for Mac

  •    Scrutinize the estimated ink or toner level for Officejet 6812 printer associated with the Mac system and then ascertain that the printer is turned on and linked to the system.
  •    Select the Apple icon and then choose The System Preferences icon.Select Printers and Scanners,Print& Fax or Print&Scan based on the printer model.
  •    Choose the printer’s name in the list of available list,select Options&Supplies and then choose the Supply tab to examine the ink levels.

Replacing HP Officejet 6812 Ink Cartridges

Step 1:Substitute with new cartridge

  •    Ensure that the 123.hp.com/oj6812 printer is powered up.Elevate the top cover of the printer.Refrain from proceeding until the carriage slides to the right side of the printer and is inactive.
  •    Release the old cartridge from the slot and then move it out of the carriage.Take away the new cartridge from its packaging and drag the pink tab to eliminate the protective tape from it.
  •    Grasp the ink cartridges so that electrical contacts are on the bottom and facing towards the printer to place it to its respective place.

Step 2:Take away the jammed paper from printer

  •    Insert the color cartridge to the left side of the slot and the black cartridge to the right side of the slot and then seal the top cover for secure installation.
  •    Access HP Solution Center and then align the ink cartridges in order to acquire the best print quality in the Windows operating system.
  •    Select Settings->Printer Tool box.On the Printer Tool box,select Align the Print Cartridges->Align by trailing the on-screen instructions.


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